ImageWorks Week 8

During my time here at ImageWorks I have learned not all things are being made in the store. For example big orders of tee shirts, business cards and sometimes even stamps. What Ms. Sherri showed me that not everything is made here. She has a company website that shows all of the products she would order made by different people. She would order them in bulks then tell the customer how much is it per item. For example, If I wanted a box of pens with my company’s name on it and wanted 1000 of them. Ms. Sherri would go to the website and order them for the cheapest price she can find per item. Then she would tell me how much I would pay. For her when I paid her she would get a portion of the money. This means she is the middle man. She is still benefiting from the customer but not having to hold inventory all at her store. The only thing she does is receive the shipment when it comes in. What I learned about that is it is a great way to make money but also you get to still order from others who are more specialized in a certain area like lanyards and hats. This shows that we also offer variety to customers so that when they come here they can have not only choices in paper products they can get shirts hats and cups. Being a middle man is not a bad idea and can help a business show that they are not all one track minded but can open doors for new possibilities.

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  1. Sounds like a good strategy to expand your services as a business. You essentially curate the best options for getting a variety of services done. Customers get the benefit of going to one place for all their imaging needs.

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