ImageWorks Week 8

This week I was able to work on a project that I was truly passionate about. My objective was to print and cut out all of the decals for the Mantanzas High School football team. I have played the sport of football since I was about 10 years old. Having the opportunity to give back and help a football team in any way has always been a big goal for me.  I know that my internship at ImageWorks isn’t technically helping me give back to their team but preparing their decals for their upcoming season is certainly a start.

The Mantanzas Pirates are located in North Palm Coast, Florida. After Marissa was approved of a really cool of pirate flag design she created, I was obstructed to print, laminate, and cut out each decal for their program. Since the decals would be installed on each side of the player’s helmets, we needed to print out flags that faced right and left. We also created decals that were labeled “All In” for all of the player’s parents to put on their cars. After printing all the decals on vinyl I began to prep them for lamination. The laminate will help protect the design and give it a glossy coat which will make it look clean and professional.

When the lamination was completed, I had to line up the crop marks and insert them back into the Roland printer for cutting. The printer would only trim along the edges of each design, so I had to remove the excess vinyl so that the decals were finished and prepared to be installed. All 225 decals came out perfect and I felt really satisfied with my contribution to their program. Working on this project helped me realize that the skills I’m learning from courses at Stetson and this internship could help me pursue a lot of my goals in life and I shouldn’t take any of this for granted.


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  1. Cool connections between your passion for football and digital arts. It just shows there is more to sports that playing them, and many different people that put effort into getting the team ready for the field.

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