ImageWorks week 9

At ImageWorks when we make products I realize we are not limited to one resource. What I mean by that is that there is different types of material that we print on. For example there is banner type of paper which is thick and can withstand wind, acrylic which is used for signs and many more. We have many types of paper for different installments. For example we have a certain type of paper we can use to put letters and images onto glass like windows or portraits. We have paper we can use to make postcards or pamphlets and more. The great thing is that one type of paper can be a multi use item. For example the acrylic can be used all by itself or be applied on to an item like a sign or a wall. With these options people can get what they want on anything they want it on. We have types of paper for installations on cars and we can also screenprint a tee shirt but no more than 10. The best part about having these different options is that if you bring something in and want a picture or text on it, you can come here with your item and we will do an install for you so that it can look exactly as you want. If someone wanted a picture they found online onto a helmet, we could take that image and apply it for them and make sure it looks good. Having options is always a big thing for companies so that their customers are not locked into one central item.