Internship Week 2: Hand Art Center

June 4th – June 7th

So far I have masters the proper ways to touch the art with gloves and how to use gloves as your real hands basically. This week and next weeks project includes the process of photographing all of the Oscar Bluemner works that we do not have in Past Perfect…which is WAY more than you would expect. The hardest process is truly finding the drawing or painting since we constantly move the pieces to other boxes if they don’t fit or if they are in mats for frames. Luckily so far I have masters looking at incredibly small print and moving pieces carefully before and after pictures. I have actually really enjoyed looking at the different works that I have never seen. My favorites have been his colored pencils and ink sketches. You can see the talent that he had during his life and it amazes me the way that some believe it wasn’t good enough.

I am excited to finish the process of going through the boxes next week because I saved the biggest boxes for last so I am excited to see what else we have. Many of the pieces I have to photograph have not been shown off in the Hand Art Center as much so it is nice to see how well kept they are in the boxes. I think that last ones that I look through will be the best and biggest that has still been unseen by the community and that we could possibly show next year.

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  1. Working on adding photos is important. It’s a big collection, so we have had to work on it a little at a time. Every bit that you can add to our documentation really helps!

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