Internship Week 2

For my second week of interning with Chesapeake Family, I created more advertisements for the magazine and its social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, where they appear as links for the user to click on. Some of these advertisements are photos (some photos belong to the company and some are bought) with text and logos, and some advertisements are designs that I create entirely with Adobe Illustrator. For example, one design I created is of a stage with parted curtains and a spotlight shining on the center with the words “Stage Struck,” an article about theater programs for kids.

The art director taught me new Photoshop and Illustrator techniques that I wasn’t familiar with, such as making the text on an ad “pop out” more. I’ve always been familiar with the different fonts and sizes, but there are ways to edit the shadows, transparency, etc. of text that I previously wasn’t aware of.

Another part of my internship that I started this week is going out on a boat with Spa Creek Conservancy, a conservation group that tests water levels in the Chesapeake Bay. We check the bacteria to make sure the water is safe to swim in, and the nutrients to make sure there aren’t any algae blooms that deplete the oxygen in the water. Spa Creek Conservancy and Chesapeake Family are partners, and I will be taking photos and videos of us on the boat on nice days (it was cloudy and rainy this week so  didn’t bring my camera) for our media. I also participated in a live Facebook stream with Chesapeake Family where I discussed water testing.

According to the art director, I will be starting a new project next week.

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  1. You have a lot of references to images in this post. Can you please consider adding some of these to your posts? It’s far easier to get your point across to your reader when I can just see the image. Here are some directions if you need help getting started.

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