Internship Week Five June 25-29

This week is still moving ceramics from Sampson Hall to the Hand Art Center. It was been delayed due to rain almost everyday but has been successful for us to find them new homes in the vault. We have been getting ready for the reception that will be on Thursday for the Louis Freund exhibit and I am looking forward to my first reception in order to meet people. I think it is very important for students especially in my field to connect with faculty and make connections.

I really enjoyed working the reception, around 54 people came to the event and it has a good turn out and their was great food. I think these events are crucial for the Hand Art Center in order for more people to come and look at the exhibits. It was awesome being able to see other people and even some students and alumni come to the event and be able to talk to them and for them to ask us questions. I really enjoyed this and I cant wait for more events like these when I am able to continue to work here in the fall.

2 thoughts on “Internship Week Five June 25-29”

  1. 54 for a summer reception is a decent turnout. The attendance is largely driven by marketing and making sure people know about the event. Did Tonya have you helping with any of the social media publicity ahead of the event? If so, can you share some links here?

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