Internship Week Four June 18-22

This week was little hectic as the previous. We began moving the ceramics collection from Sampson Hall into the Hand Art Center. My job was to of course catalog all the pieces and set their new location and take pictures for them all. So this took most of the days of the week. Tonya was always away at a conference so the only tasks were to really watch the front desk and count visitors and catalog. Due to the rain we have not received many visitors so it has been very slow. I have been looking through past perfect trying to see all the things I have to take pictures for and I hope to completely finish pictures by the end of the internship so the database is completely up to date and we will no longer have problem knowing what piece it is. other than this small cataloging the week has been pretty slow but efficient for me.

One thought on “Internship Week Four June 18-22”

  1. The slow summers are the perfect time to catch up on these database updates. So much of the work that needs to be done is hard to stay on top of during the regular academic year. You’ll find that many jobs have busy and slow periods, so it is good to have these sort of long-term maintenance tasks to fill those slow periods.

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