Internship Week One: Hand Art Center

May 30th and 31st –

This was the beginning days of my internship at the Hand Art Center working under Tonya Curran. Today I was taught the process of scoring the walls in order to get ready for a new exhibit that would be displayed over the summer. Scoring is the process of taking out art hardware filling the holes with Spackle. I have not really used this before so it was definitely a new experience to do. After filling the holes I sanded them and then repainted the walls before I could hang the art and level it out on the wall. I believe that this was a fun learning experience as I got to know the other people working in the museum alongside me.

The next day was the first day of being able to dive into the Oscar Bluemner exhibit, which I really enjoyed! We took the exhibit down and I was able to take them out of the frames and finally got to learn about the vault! I had taken museology with Tonya prior to this internship so I was aware of the work that I would be handling and taking care of. I was taught the documentation software Past Perfect and learned the beginnings of it. My favorite part of putting away the art was truly getting to see all of the works that I had not yet seen. I like the ability to be able to put it away and document it on my own with the guidance of Tonya.

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  1. Learning to spackle and paint is a good skill for when you eventually own a home too. It’s not too complex, but you need to do it to fully understand the process. Glad you are also getting some time to be hands on with the Bluemner collection.

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