Internship Week Seven July 9th – July 13th

I don’t think an organization system would ever annoy me until I got in The Hand Art Center. This week we learned that the Bluemner pieces are not correctly in their boxes. After going through every single box and writing down every single accession number we found that Past Perfect is not fully correct on every piece and that not everything is in the right spot. We discovered this while picking the new pieces for the Fall exhibit that we are trying to prepare for. Tonya and I are trying to figure out the next steps since this was my best project that I would be working on for my internship. Luckily I have almost found all the pieces I need to take picture of now it is just a matter of getting all the correct boxes to match in Past Perfect and for everything to have its certain place in the vault.

This is not what I expected to have happen as I went through every box but I am glad that we have finally figured out the big problem of why we cannot always find an art piece. So once we can find and matte everything for the show the rest of my internship will basically be to solve the organizational issues of the Bluemner collection. I’m hoping we can figure this out before the semester starts so we don’t have too many problems when finding pieces of the Spring show.

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  1. Eek! Sounds like a bit of a mess. I guess you are learning how important it is to have consistent records. Glad you figured it out and will be able to resolve it.

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