Internship Week Six July 2nd-July 6th

Since we have the Fourth of July off this week, it was kind of an easy week. Tonya has been filling out a grant report to send into the county for money for the museum. I had to go through and look at all the numbers for people at events and count how many people we had in the museum for the year and what times we were the busiest. I also had to go through the calendar and account for every event that we have had in the past year and list it. This was a good learning moment cause I was unaware for this process and did not know about it.

We decided to make this an easier transition for when this comes next year by keeping an excel sheet for the year and make sure we add the number of guests for events and write down last minute lectures or visitors that come to speak at the museum or use the seminar room. I hope this makes it easier when we have to fill it out again this time next year. I really think it was important for me to learn this so I am glad that I was here during this time to make a better system for us in the future.

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  1. Digital records that can take sum the visitor tally for you seems like a great idea. You might want to work with Tonya to put that file someplace safe, like Stetson’s networked server. That way is will be automatically backed up.

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