Internship week Three June 11th – 15th

As we are still going through all the Bluemner works and having to reorganize files and pieces it has been interesting to be able to go through the process of finding works we have misplaced. Past Perfect has been updated to its best possible information at this point in time but it is also difficult to find pieces when you have to go through EVERY box which contain up to 50 – 100 pieces of work in order to find that one that you are missing. I think that this experience has made me realize hoe important it is to keep up with your documents and make sure they are updated in Past Perfect and in any other records you have for the body of work. Next week Dan Gunderson is allowing us to take some of his ceramics and moving them and adding them into our documents so that will be an interesting move for the team to complete and document in Past Perfect. I never knew that we had such a collection of works in the ceramics department so I am exciting to be able to photograph and add them in our records. I think that so far working here as given me a lot of experience that I was not expecting to receive as fast as I have but I am really glad to be able to work at my own university with a staff that I know and trust. It makes the internship process much more fun and relaxing but also challenges you to be your best in order to teach the newer students around you about the museum and the way Tonya wants things to be ran.

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  1. Glad you find this so exciting. It’s important work and we are glad to have you helping!

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