ITProTV Intern’s Daily Steps

Every morning I wake up at 6:30am to be at ITProTV by 8:00am. We are all given these funny T-shirts designed by the creative director and we all tend to wear those as a pseudo-uniform but other than that our office is very casual. The creative director takes famous logos and changes them to say ITProTV instead, one in particular looks like the title font for Back to the Future. Once I get to the office it is my job to set up both studios. Setting up the studios involves turning on all the lights, cameras, recording equipment, the live stream, and once the hosts arrive I need to adjust the lights and cameras to be right with their heights, where they stand, etc. At 8:30am, as I have mentioned before, we have a meeting in our biggest studio and go around the circle discussing what each person has accomplished and what they plan to acc13621583_1268701286474081_67512622_oomplish in the day. Everyday during the meeting the founders have some news about the companies over all accomplishments or the progress with the new building and I am always amazed. For instance, on Monday I found out that Harvard University is a customer of ours and just made a large purchase for content; what an amazing feat! After our meeting I usually play Pac Man just until the hosts are ready to start their first shows. Once we get started at around 9:30am, I sit at the control desk/switchboard where I can see all camera angles, start recording, and fix the audio (this area is pictured below). I then double check all t13579958_1268701236474086_250600269_ohe camera settings, check the lighting depending on the darkness or brightness of a host’s shirt that day. I sit at the desk and I am able to talk to them through the soundboard where I say things like “what’s the title?” “are we ready to start?” or “okay, standby!” they often times make me laugh with their responses. For the next 30 minutes I switch back and forth between whomever is talking and their computer screen; you need to pay attention closely in order to make it as easy as possible for the editors once they get the footage. While taping I take notes on what the titles are, and what might need to be fixed in post. By noon we break for lunch but before I get lunch I need to convert all of the footage from the morning to the right format for editing in Premiere Pro CC, I do that through an app called Handbrake. We all get an hour for lunch and then we are back by 1:00pm. The last week and a half my supervisor has been having me edit small things like fixing older videos to by replacing the old logo with the new logo. Also, I recently got to edit bigger content because one of the editors was away. I am happy to do any of the editing I get there. Editing has been one of my favorite aspects of video since I started at Stetson. The second half of the day is exactly the same as the first half except after we are done with shows I have to shut everything down instead of turning it on. The end of the work day for me is typically 4:00pm or 4:30pm. (Below I have placed pictures of the studio I usually work with, Studio 1)   Studio 1 13632716_1268701233140753_88134933_o

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  1. Sounds like you are getting some really good, hands-on experience in a daily production environment. It certainly is important to have a rhythm to your day when the goal is to turn out a product with such regularity. The great part is that such regularized process can lead to the development of large body of work very quickly. I assume this procedure was in place before you got there. Have you noticed any places where you might make tweaks to improve the workflow?

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