ITProTV New Building

ITProTV is a fairly new company, they were founded in 2013 and have been working out of a warehouse since their humble beginnings. During my time witStudio 1h them I have seen how well they use their small space in the back of a warehouse to create great video content. They took these plain, boring rooms and hired a set designer to come in and create an amazing set for their largest studio which is what makes Studio 1 look so great and visually appealing (pictured above). As for the the smaller studio, Studio 2, they set up a blue backdrop and TV that is always displaying the ITProTV logo behind the first host (pictured below, without logo because the TV is off).Studio 2-hosts The rest of the office is behind the walls of each studio, you always need to be quiet no matter where you are in the office while recording because it can be heard. Everything and everyone is in close vicinity to one another which makes it easy to be familiar with all aspects of the company. I enjoyed how small and close together everything was, it was nice to be able to just walk over to the next room and ask about how marketing was going or to the other room to find out what the hosts wanted to do next. However, ITProTV will be moving to a brand new biggeSite of New Buildingr and better building that is not in a warehouse. The building is under construction now and they will move at the end of September, when I will already be gone but I have gotten to see the new building in the making many times. I wonder how that close-knit feeling will change when they move over because the studios will be in the back of the building while the editors will be in a hallway, and the hosts, marketing team, and founders will be in a large room with separate offices in the front. Of course, I do believe this change will make for greater efficiency but I am a little concerned that the homey feel will go away slightly. People will have a space of their own without distractions to get their work done, and all things video, switching and editing will be done on the other side making for less possible interruptions from others. The studios will be very different from the way they are now. There will be five instead of two and all are bigger than at least the smaller one, each will have sound proofed roofs for when it rains and have glass garage doors for getting big equipment in and out but also so any show going can be seen while recording without anyone accidentally interrupting. As for the other side of the building, each office will have glass sliding doors so that everyone can see in and out of their offices making it easy to discern whether or not someone is available to talk to. There are two other spaces in the building belonging to ITProTV which would be the kitchen/lounge where hosts and other workers can relax and have lunch. The other room, of course, is the gaming room. As you know at ITProTV we have a PacMan machine in the office and in the new building they will keep the PacMan machine but are adding an XBOX, Play Station, and possibly a couple more systems; all for relaxing purposes. I am sad that I will be missing out on the new building but they are having a grand opening in October. They kindly invited me to go up for a day so I could be there for the opening; I promptly accepted the invitation.