Last week

Last week was fairly uneventful as it was busy for both myself and Dr. Pras. The studio didn’t really need much in terms of tidying up or maintenance, and I had ended up with a ridiculous schedule on both Tuesday and Thursday. Over the course of the coming week I intend to use my studio time to record upright bass and do some mixing on my album. Something I’ve noticed is that every time I mix in the studio and then bring back to listen on my own monitors or headphones is that it just sounds entirely off. This might just be due to me going in between two different audio environments and being used to one over the other. I’ve read several articles saying that it doesn’t really matter how detailed or amazing your speakers are, as long as you’re 100% aware of how to get your intended results with your specific setup. Next time I go in I’m planning on bringing my AKG K712 headphones (which were designed for mixing) so that I have a reference.

One thought on “Last week”

  1. Our studio space is only minimally treated, and it certainly is not tuned. That being said, it is good to test mixes in a number of environments so that you get a sense of how it will translate. I’ve read plenty of stories about people that review their work in the car after mixing in the studio. You should also go through the compression process and listen on an iPhone. The more setups, the better.

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