Last Week

This week was my last week of the internship, but I will continue on working for my supervisor just for fun for a little bit longer, since I really want to help her in creating a few videos for her agency. This weekend I will work on creating a collage of photos and come up with a slideshow that exhibits a few of accomplished models and show their works, so people coming in for interviews will see that there are success stories and will have a positive attitude for this industry. I have already taken photos of the job pictures and comp cards in her office and am ready to start creating something exciting and appealing. My supervisor told me to be creative and  not be afraid of trying something new and create an eye-catching video. She also gave me some notes on what I should include and how I should approach this project. On the days I worked, I have had a great deal of communication with our clients, assisting them with anything they need and gave them applications, which also I had to redo for her, since some requirements have changed. Initially, it kept people confused on what they had to write on it. I used her Mac computer to complete this task and also answered a couple of emails pertaining to the appointments. There was a problem with one of the calendars on the phone that we use for keeping track of meetings; by the end of the day, I was able to fix it and now the calendars are synced and updated. I was very happy I could help her with that, because earlier one of the clients stopped by the office and my supervisor wasn’t aware that she had an appointment that day, and that caused a confusing situation for her. This week was very energetic and I had lots to do and am excited to continue being creative and putting a personal touch on given projects.