Last Week with ITProTV

My last week at ITProTV was a special one! Since I was not a permanent editor and switcher they needed to hire someone to replace me in my absence. For my final test, so to speak, I had to train the new switcher and teach him everything I knew. I had never had to train someone before and it was a learning experience for me as well as for the new guy. I tried my best to articulate everyday tasks that had become second nature to me and I no longer thought about. On his first day in the office, I was so used to flipping the switches on the breaker connected to the studio lights that while my supervisor was showing him how switching worked I had actually turned them off. I was so used to being there first and turning everything on myself, I just flipped a switch and didn’t even think about which way I was flipping it. That was the only time I made a silly mistake like that but I found it humorous and a true example of how robotic my movements had become. On Tuesday of my last week we had some new t-shirts delivered and we immediately shot a commercial to advertise them. My supervisor asked me to be in it along with another switcher/editor and it was a lot of fun; it was a completely different experience to be in front of the camera instead of behind it, behind a wall, behind a switchboard. Since Pokémon Go is the craze of the summer, the creative director (my supervisor) created a t-shirt design in homage to that and here is the link to the commercial in order for you to see. As for the continuation of training my replacement, he was quiet but inquisitive so I could tell he was truly paying attention and eager to learn. I told him everything I could think of from the technical side of things, such as when and how to mute the audio at the intro and outro of a show, to telling him it is fun to sit on the hosts’ side of the office during a break in order to hear or get in on a fun, intellectual conversation. Since I was training him to do everything I would do I only got to do my job for the first two days of my last week because after training him and showing him how it was done he was ready to take my spot in the switcher’s seat. I did need to sit with him for a while in order to make sure everything went swimmingly and answer any of his questions. On my last day he did not need me to watch or standby anymore and I really had nothing to do but soak in the people and play games. This was nice because I could reflect on my last two months with them, and ask any last minute questions. It was an amazing experience to work with ITProTV this summer, I learned much about video production I did not know before and made some lifelong memories. Below I have attached a photo I took of myself, my supervisor, and my two mentors; I worked closest with them and they were the ones who taught me so much this summer.

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  1. So glad you had a really positive experience with them! Sounds like you learned a lot about the workflow of regularly scheduled video production, and did so in a very supportive environment. The promo you are in looks good too. I updated the post to make the link clickable.

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