Learning Something New

For this week, my work with Chesapeake Family took a new step. On Tuesday I created more Illustrator advertisements and wrote a review on The Incredibles 2 for families to read. The company likes to have me write movie reviews because I love going to the theater to watch new movies and my reviews tend to be positive. The other writer is negative most of the time and they want a review from another perspective. This week, she was surprisingly positive (everybody is about The Incredibles 2), but she was nasty about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and I liked that movie so I will be writing a positive review about that soon so that families don’t feel discouraged from seeing it.

On Wednesday, since I worked from home that day, my job was to practice Adobe InDesign with tutorials. I learned the basics, from inserting and fitting images into the frames to using different texts and sizes. After practice, I created one page with a simple list of things to do at Walt Disney World. My main summer project is to create a digital guide (like an online book) about the must-dos at Disney, basically a bucket list. Chesapeake Family Magazine writes all about vacation destinations for the summer, and because I am a Disney fanatic and expert, the company wants me to make a digital guide that will help families, mostly first-time visitors to Disney, make the most out of their visit.

On Thursday, I submitted my page, featuring a list, to my boss, and she gave me ideas on how to improve and add to it. So I spent that day editing the page to make it look better. What I did was list all the major attractions, giving them each a different text to make each stand out, and decorate the page with cute Disney designs.

This week’s work will be continuing the digital guide, and it’s something I can’t wait to share with all of you!

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  1. I am glad to read that your boss is making you responsible for a project. Even better is the chance to get feedback and revise. Hopefully this was not a new experience and you have encountered this in your classes. Now you have a better idea about why your professors ask for revisions. In your professional life, you will always have a boss or client that wants you to make it better.

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