Looking Back, Moving Forward

Today marks exactly fifty days until May 12, the day of  my graduation commencement ceremony. In a few hours, I will pick up my cap and gown. This also means that my year as a web intern with the Creative Arts department will soon come to an end, and it’s time to start looking forward.

Part of my work as the first year-long web intern has been to develop a schedule that details some of the reoccurring events about which future interns will also need to post: award ceremonies, contests announcements, Winter Break hours, and the like. This is advantageous in that there is no need to spend time every year deciding what needs to be posted when, so both the intern and the supervisors may benefit. I have found myself benefitting from this task as well.

Two semesters worth of projects, exhibitions, interviews, plays, and workshops have to be reviewed in order for me to create a comprehensive schedule of web posts. Therefore, this task has had an introspective nature, allowing me to consider my internship in its many pieces. I’ve interacted with people from all four disciplines falling under the umbrella of Creative Arts in a variety of ways, and my approach to web posts has changed over the year. Slowly, I was able to focus on adding in different features like links to outside websites, photos about the content , and excerpted quotes.

I hope that in the future, other interns modify the schedule of posts. My experience is just that: mine. It is a singular example of what can be done in this position. What I have encountered and learned may be similar to that of the next intern, but it will by no means be identical. For one thing, he or she will start the internship with a different set of skills and a unique perspective. Therefore, they will only be able to add to what I leave behind. I hope to come across the Creative Arts website a year from now and smile at how my successors have improved upon the work I once did.

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