Martha Stewart Photo Shoot

Much like our David Tutera partnership, we also have a large partnership with with Martha Stewart. Currently we have been developing new products and branding with Martha Stewart’ s team for her new paper crafting line coming out in 2018. For this, we are doing a large scale venue photo shoot much like the one with David Tutera. Our photo shoot will feature both her new party and paper lines. We’ve also been building this entire set. Our process with the Martha team is a bit different however due to her large scale of designer recognition. Every step that we take constantly needs approval and recognition from her team. One of our products that needs to be featured is a cupcake paper shell. Meaning we need to find either real cupcakes or make fake ones for our photo shoot. We spent about 2 weeks building our own artificial cupcakes as well as ordering a dozen of differently decorated cupcakes from a total of nine bakeries in the Cleveland area until we finally found a cupcake that was approved by our partnering Martha Team. We also are building 3 new kinds of walls for this photo shoot. These also needed to be approved by the Martha Team before being allowed to move forward with our projects. We had originally scheduled this photo shoot for July 17, but due to the delay in communications on Marthas side and ¬†our chaotic schedule due to our David Tutera photo shoot going on at the same time.

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  1. I remember you talking about the desire to do more with your hands when you changed majors from Digital Arts to Studio Arts. Looks like you are getting the chance to do that by set building for these photo shoots.

    Did you take Stagecraft over in Theatre Arts? If not, you should consider it as an elective next year. This is exactly the kind of thing that the course covers.

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