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TODAY WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I know in my last blog post I talked about how my internship still hasn’t been totally up and running, but today that all changed! I met with April and J in the Marketing department of Stetson today. J is in charge of Events and April is her assistant. We talked about how when it comes to marketing from events it’s not always about logo and brand. Lately, they’ve been focusing on creating an experience that people will remember and then associating the brand with that experience. So rather than create an experience with a brand, we’re creating a brand with an experience.

In the office I did a lot of brainstorming about things I could do with my department to incorporate this mentality into our marketing and how I could incorporate this into Digital Arts. These are some of the things I came up with.

  • Lifelong Learning
    • Make sure our registration process, our teachers, our courses… are all easily accessible, usable, and entertaining
    • Work with course leaders to create content for their courses
  • Educational Travel
    • Relate Education Travel with Stetson by demonstrating Stetson’s values through our social media posts
    • Vamp up old materials and give them more of a design element to create a more fun experience with the papers participants are carrying around

As you can see, it’s not much. It’s definitely a starting point though! I’m going to continue working with Marketing every Tuesday until August 8th, that’s the last day I work with them. I have never been more excited! Just this morning as they were taking me around the office. I felt like a kid in a candy store!! This is going to be an amazing summer!!

Stay Classy,

Taylor Hamilton

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  1. Glad to read things are looking up! Having a weekly meeting with Marketing seems like a great solution to bridge between these two offices.

    Could you say a little bit more about what CEO does? It would help me understand a bit what you are tasked with doing for them. You’ll need to have this in your final reflection paper, so feel free to make this the topic of your next blog post. Then you can work it into the paper later.

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