MOAS Internship: Halfway Through Camp

Another week of camp at MOAS has passed and this one marks the end of the first half of SLI summer camps. As usual, on Monday, Thanya and me where in charge of overseeing the registration of 4-6 year olds. For the most part I saw an abundance of returning campers in all age levels with new ones here and there. Something interesting that I did notice was the fact that this week we had more issues with late arriving campers particularly in the 4-6 age group. Drop off begins at 9 am and usually run until 9:30 am but, on Monday we had someone come in as late as 10:30 am. That causes issues in maintaining our attendence records straight as parents forget to check in with us at the education office. Overall, the issue was handled by us or one of the department members when the parent came to pick up the child.

In terms of assisting in the classes this week, we had the chance to do so on Friday. The class was history based and as a final activity the kids were having there own version of the Olympic Games. We helped explain activities to student as well as maintained them organized to ensure that the activity ran as smoothly as possible. After that we took photos of the different classes and their final activities for our records and the marketing department.

Tours were definitely the low point of this week as Wednesday proved to be the busiest and most chaotic day thus far. For the group of 100 students we had already arranged a plan but, unfortunately mechanical issues with their buses forced us to rearrange our schedule. In the second group we had expected a smaller number of visitors yet, instead we ended up with nearly 90 in total. We obviously were caught off guard by the sheer number of visitors in terms of scheduling and staff (Nicole was teach class, Zach was at an outreach, Kelsey is in Hawaii and Seth and his wife just has there baby on Tuesday). In the end, we did our best to accommodate the groups but, this goes to show that we have to be prepared for anything and that communication with visiting group is of the utmost importance.

We’ve continued the MOAS rocks project from last week and have begun to work on the representation of the North Wing’s permanent collections. There has been discussions of the logistical aspect of the project such as where we plan to place the rocks, how often and if they should be exclusive to children’s admission. Discussions in regards to this will of course continue when the final project is presented to administration. The fossil cast touch up has momentarily been placed on hold since the department has a couple of outreach programs and is using the casts.

Next week we have no camps and that will give us a chance to clean classrooms and restock on supplies.  We hope to wrap up the MOAS rock project and pick up on the touch up project and a new project for the planetarium’s mobile exhibit.

Some of the rocks we finished this week. These pictured above have just been sprayed with an acrylic coating.

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  1. The lesson about being flexible is important. Here it was variation in the size of your visiting group, but it could really be anything. Something that could help you be prepared is to just think through a series of WHAT IF questions. What if the bus is late? What if we have twice the expected number of people? Four times? Discussing these with the group helps everybody be more flexible.

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