MOAS Internship: Harry Potter Madness and More

We started off the week as we always do with camp registration. Normally, Thanya and I, handle the 4 to 6 year old but, there was a registration incident with a new camper in the 7 to 9 group thus I has to covered for Nicole while she sorted out the problem. As it so happen the class for 7 to 9 year olds was the Harry Potter one so there was an abundance of new campers and parents that required paperwork and explanations of how attendance and the picking up process worked out. While the registration was hectic at moments when multiple families required assistance I managed to swiftly handle their paperwork and questions. Once we concluded registration we update our paper records for all the camp groups.

That morning we not only did a tour but, we also helped a number of times in the Harry Potter camp that was being lead by Kelsey. We arrange the entrances to Platform 9 & 3/4 by taping the “brick wall” we completed last week to the door that lead to the train cars in the Root Gallery. There the campers enter the usually off-limit train cars. After this we had a house sorting that went as well as it could have gone considering that the kids had pre-established preferences. It was nice to see the Sorting Hat that we created being used and the kids be so excited about it.

The 7 to 9 year old campers sitting in the train as the head off to Hogwarts.

We continued with our help to the Harry Potter themed camp throughout the week by making stencils that would be used by the campers in a painting project. We later assisted in a game of Quidditch where we were goal post, score keeper and tired to keep the game friendly.

Outside of helping in the camp we concluded the planets for the mobile planetarium (which is to scale). We also took photos of each MOAS rock we made to create an index for museum as the project will soon be rolling out to the general public. We also began to really working on the coloring that we have been discussing for some time with the head of the department. He provided us with a previous and rather outdated example of one that the Musuem used. Thanya and I will be using that material as a foundation where we plan to bring in more aspects of the Prehistory of Florida exhibit as well as activities.

Planets in order, starting with Mercury, from left to right.

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  1. Thanks for the update on planetary scale. It’s always surprising to me when you see the difference between gas giants and the others. Like I told Thanya, that Jupiter really jumps out from the group. You guys should be proud of that work!

    Glad the Harry Potter camp went well, too.

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