MOAS Internship: Last Week at the Museum

This week marks the end of my internship at the Musuem of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach and it consisted of wrapping up our final projects and restoring the classrooms to their normality. After eight weeks of at least 45 kids (ages 4 to 12) on any given day, the rooms were in desperate need of a clean up.

We started organizing and cleaning the downstairs classroom since this weekend it would be used for a birthday party. Computers were taken down and unused art supplies was taken up to the mezzanine.
In the area that the 4 to 6 year old class was being held, the museum normally has a variety of a exhibits. During the time of the summer camps they were all moved into the main Children’s Musuem area. This of course made the area far more crowded so it’s nice to have more space that allows guests more area to explore the exhibits. All the furniture and material that was used was moved out either into storage or the upstairs supply closet.

Once the clean up process in the Children’s Musuem was completed we move to clean our area in the education department office. All the project that we completed over the course of the internship were done in this area so we had certainly amassed material in there.

In terms of projects that needed to be finalized, we had to finalized the coloring book for the Prehistory of Florida, the creation of fake money and some final fossil cast touch ups. For the coloring book, Thanya was combing our parts into a final and polished file. The fake money, was a last minute project that would be used in the Children’s Musuem in the pizza making exhibit. The fake notes would integrate aspects of the Musuem such as the Prehistory exhibit. These notes I drew up and then gave to Thanya so she could digitally render them. The last bit of touch ups I did on a cast I was working on last week that they want to now use in a exhibit instead of department outreaches.

These are the sketches of the “fake money” we created for an exhibit in the Children’s Musuem.

Overall, my internship with the education department was extremely insightful and a nice addition to my musuem experience. As I mentioned in the beginning of these posts I really wanted to get an understanding for how educational aspects and programs get incorporated into musuems and other art institution. I certainly got the chance to see the planning and prepping that goes in the running of a camp and how essential it is to the increasing of community engagement for musuems.

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  1. I saw the finished money over on Thanya’s latest post. Re-using the coloring book images for the faces on the money was a nice creative solution. Time constraints can sometimes be a good motivation for these types of things.

    Glad you had such a great experience. Hope this summer helps you plan for a future career path.

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