MOAS Internship: Summer Camp Begins

The past week marked the beginning of the Summer Learning Institute (SLI or summer camp) at MOAS. On Monday, a good part of the morning and then in the afternoon, was used to complete the student registration. The registration ensures that the students are in the appropriate classroom as classes are separated between three different age groups. This process will be repeated every Monday morning for the duration of the summer camps so, to gain experience in the process we helped and watch theeducation department staff handle the first wave of campers. In addition to that we help lead students and parents to their respective classroom. For the most part, the busiest registration time was in themorning as many students stay for both the morning and afternoon classes. For the remainder of the week, parents had to sign in and out their student and that was mostly handled by the teachers. 

This week there was an abundance of high school volunteers to assist the camp teachers so we mostly lead tours for visiting school and youth groups in the mornings. Depending on the size and the planned activities of the groups, they were either kept together or divided between Thanya and me. As well as the tours we would often check in with the teachers to ensure that everything was running smoothly and the Children’s Museum to ensure that all the equipment is working properly.  

In the afternoon we continue our work on the honeycomb project that we started the week before. The honeycombs will be display alongside a beekeeping exhibit in the Children’s Museum. As of Friday thehoneycomb are complete and ready to be installed. Unfortunately, Kelsey, the education department member that planned the rearrangements and additions to the beekeeping display will be out for therest of the month so will wait for to come back before any changes are complete.  

This upcoming week we will be taking a more active role in class registrations, since we’ll be one staff member short and other members will be leading their own classes. There was also discussion ofbeginning other projects that will be directly aimed towards younger museum goers.  

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  1. Good job capturing your work with the kids. It will be helpful to have this type of clear description when a future employer asks about your responsibilities during the summer camps.

    Katie Pulling is also working with kids this summer at Endstation. Have you have read any of her posts?

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