MOAS Internship: Summer camp comes to a close

This week marks the end of the Summer Learning Institute at MOAS and the second to last week of our internship with the education department. As far as weeks goes, this one was pretty easy and straightforward.  The entire department staff was on hand and so on Monday we were not needed for the morning registration of classes. There also happen to be a private event going on in the Root Gallery from opening until 2:30pm. This event led to a lack of tour groups since the Root Gallery is an essential part of most tours.

With an open morning I stared working on some fossil cast that needed sanding and plastering. Thanya and I, then handled the afternoon registration which was smaller then the usual morning groups. Afterward, we continued with our work on the Prehistory of Florida coloring book. To enhance the coloring book we decided to include activities like wordsearches, mazes and crossword puzzle that directly reflect the information that is found in that exhibit. I worked in generating these puzzles while Thanya finish the main two page spread of the coloring book.

I continued working on the fossil cast throughout the week as well as drawing other material for the coloring book. On Wednesday we had our only tour for the week with a nice small groups. There was no help needed in the actually class so overall the week was mostly dedicated toward the coloring book.

This is one of the Prehistoric animals that will be included in the coloring book.

As the internship is coming to a closing there is a certain level of excitement with the camps ending. Even so, MOAS will feel very empty and quiet with the abundance of kids in the Children’s Musuem.

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  1. The activities you describe should make a great addition for the coloring book. It almost makes it more like an activity sheet that you would get at a restaurant. In my experience, these types of sheets or booklets are more common in European museums than they are here in the United States. Glad to see the MOAS adding this!

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