MOAS Intership: Camp Starts Up Again

Camps were resumed this week and as usual, Thanya and I were in charge of registration for the youngest group (4-6 yrs.). As people showed up we guided groups of campers and parents to their respective classrooms. There they would meet the teachers and know where the classes were being held. After the groups were all set up we did our round in the Children’s Musuem to ensure that all the exhibits and displays were functioning correctly. While we waited for our 10 am tour group we did touch ups on a fossil cast that will be used this upcoming week for the marine science camp.

Due to unforeseen issues the YMCA group we expected that day arrived at a later time and that gave us the chance to begin doing the planetarium project for Seth. We properly attached the hemisphere that made up the planets and fixed surface imperfections with plaster of paris. Most of the prepping was completed by the time the group showed up. This particular tour took longer than usual since the group was very rowdy and uncooperative. Even so, we managed to start painting some of the planets and plan for the addition of Saturn’s rings. The project of course continued on into Wednesday where we successfully made Saturn, rings and all. We again had a group show up at a later time than expected but, we managed to get everyone set up.

This upcoming week will be a packed one, since Julia and Nicole will be teaching classes and Zach will be out for a the marine science outreach camp. That led to some changes in our scedule to better assist the education department. We will additionly be concluding the project with the planets and starting a new one so, we’ll see how this all ends.

View from above of the planets that we have completed thus far. From left to right: Nepture, Uranus, and Saturn.

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  1. Nice picture of the work so far. Did you research the relative size of the planets? Based on those you have pictured, Earth is going to be very small!

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