MOAS: Summer Camp Reset

This holiday week was a much needed reset for the education department and MOAS. Since we had no camp classes and no planned tours, we were only required to come in on Wednesday. Though of course unexpected things do happen and as such was the case of Monday, when a group appeared unexpectedly. A secondary group of younger students were suppose to show up on Wednesday but, they never did. That gave the cleaning staff a chance to give the Children’s Musuem and the classrooms a much needed deep clean. Additionally, inventory was taken and the classrooms were restocked for the latter half of summer camps.

In terms of projects, we finally culminated our work on the MOAS rocks and ended up with a grand total of 40+ rocks. They represent every permanent collection that the museum has as well as the planetarium in some form. This upcoming week we will most likely pick up where we left off in the touching up of the fossil cast and when Seth comes back from paternal leave we will touch bases with him about the mobile planetarium project.

So far, our actual hands on experience inside the classrooms has been limited but, that isn’t completely unexpected since there is an abundance of volunteers at least in the first half. Instead we’ve  had a chance to see more clearly how the department works and interacts with other departments. We’ve helped expensively in terms of registration, tours and maintaining and updating the department’s teaching material. Our time there has been an understanding of how things work behind the curtents, of how much planning and human capital is actually put into a weekly project.

Above are all the MOAS rocks we completed.

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  1. Glad you are starting to see the bigger picture. You are right, it takes a lot of work to prepare and execute a week long workshop like these at the MOAS. Do you think you have observed enough to step into a more leadership role with another museum? Would you ever want to organize one at the HAC or Gillespie on campus?

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