My “Official” First Day

Well about a month into the semester I officially began my internship with Stetson’s University Marketing team yesterday. I know it’s late compared to others but, Hurricane Irma had plans of her own. Expecting to have a huge assignment on my first day I arrived eagered and ready to work only to find that wasn’t the case. The aftermath of the hurricane from what I could see put the majority of the marketing team behind! As you can imagine they were busy catching up.

So what was there for me to do on my “official” first day? Well after being reintroduced to the staff, I was given a few assignments to complete by next week. As a videographer it’s my job to pitch ideas of potential stories to produce. Therefore my first day was spent becoming familiar with Stetson Today, Stetson University Magazine, and various activities happening around campus. As a non traditional student I rarely have time to engage in campus activities, and my first day gave me the opportunity engage with fellow Hatters. The journey around campus gave me several ideas, and I’m hoping to produce exciting videos in the days to come.

I wish I had something more exciting to blog about but for now this has been my experience. To be honest for me my first day was perfect because it made me aware of the awesome activities  on campus. I began to imagine all the things students are possibly overlooking, and I grew excited knowing that I could bring about a change in that.

So I’m looking forward to pitching my ideas next week to soon capture on video! Stay tuned, it’s going to be an amazing ride!


One thought on “My “Official” First Day”

  1. First days often have little activity. Actually, that is often true of first weeks. It takes time to get settled, meet the relevant people, and figure out where you will plug in. Sounds like you are on your way with this things.

    I am glad the internship will give you a chance to plug into campus more. I know its hard when you commute, but it is important to stay connected to the things happening on campus. We’ll have to revisit this topic later in the semester to see if your intuition holds.

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