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What a busy week I have had thus far, and it’s only Wednesday!  I am quite proud of myself for balancing a full time job and then putting in my hours for Starke Elementary. I have started the mural in the main office this week.  I decided to keep the outside of it simple with its organic forms, almost Matisse-an, adding the koalas in as well (their mascot.)  In the center, I will fill in the circle with their school name, motto and other imagery that symbolizes the school.  I have met the art teacher of the school.  Her and I have been working together to liven up the main office.  What I found super interesting is the working environment.  As an artist, I am used to being in my own space; with myself and music and getting dirty with the paint.  Here I have an audience to work with.  The ladies who work at the office have given me much support along the way, but the feeling of having people behind you, potentially watching is still foreign.  Since it is summer school, there are the occasional kids who come in with their parents or by themselves.   I made a point to ask what they thought and get feedback as much as I can.  Today there was a little boy who sat next to me while waiting.  He watched and asked questions, such as “Why are you doing this?”  ” Are you an artist?”  I really enjoy the fact that I have been given such an opportunity to give back to the kids and their school.  Tomorrow I work opening shift at my work, and then from their I go straight to the school.  Long day ahead of me.  But it has taught to be more balanced and organize the time I have.  I will for sure pack my lunch tomorrow and get a good night’s sleep.

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  1. That’s great that the community is getting into your work! The more you can interact with them and get feedback along the way, the more they will feel a sense of ownership about the mural. That is a great thing to have in a public project like this. Think of them as your fans. You want to cultivate that relationship so that they feel connected to you and your art!

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