My Snapchat Takeover

About a week ago I got the opportunity to takeover the Stetson University official Snapchat. I felt so honored to be able to do it! As mentioned in my previous post, I had been working with Gerri Bauer in The Office of University Marketing. I mentioned to her that it might be cool to do a Takeover with one of the summer camps that are going on within Stetson, not one of the external camps that uses Stetson’s campus. Currently the School of Music had their Summer Flute Workshop going on, so I emailed Carrie Methany asking if it would be of interest to them for me to do a Snapchat Takeover. She ran it by the camp director, sent me a schedule, and we set up the Takeover for that Friday!

Friday comes and I show up to Presser and I have NO IDEA WHERE I AM GOING! I just started wandering and eventually found the campers, but all the while I had to think, “How am I going to create a Snapchat story that promotes Stetson, the School of Music, and Summer Camp?”

It may not really seem that a background in Digital Arts really helps with creating good Snaps, but I was able to take some of the things I learned from Digital Video and apply them to this project.

Thinking about things like how to get good lighting, decent audio, proper framing… All of these made the Snapchat story look professional and put together.

Gerri said I could continue to do Snapchat Takeovers if I want to, I just have to talk to her first. I would love to brainstorm some ideas of how to maybe integrate more design aspects into Snapchat stories. So far I have that something could be designed beforehand and using Snapchat’s Scissors Creative Tool to save the design and put it into the snap.. If you have any other ideas please let me know!

But that’s all for this post!

See you next time friends 🙂

-Taylor Hamilton


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  1. Glad to see this! I have been a fan of these types of takeovers when I see them on Twitter. I think it creates better engagement for both the followers and those doing the takeover. Hopefully you and others will get to do more of this for Stetson!

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