Nearing the End

On July 27th I spoke with Madison Creech about her collaborative project, ANTIBODIES, with FEELD.

On August 10th I met with Tonya, and she provided me with a few more things to post about.  I also scheduled a post for the 28th Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition to post soon after classes start, which includes dates and deadlines and summarizes the general requirements. I also have a few posts featuring the upcoming panel discussions and lectures relating to the Fall exhibitions. I still need featured images for a few of these, however.

Intermittently I have been helping Jennifer Sorese at Studio Bleu in New Symyrna in exchange for studio time to work on my own projects.  It’s been a really positive experience reconnecting with my past AP 3D Studio Art teacher, and enlightening to hear an outside ceramicist’s perspective on Stetson’s art program. Similar to what I and others have brought up, ceramics students and the ceramics studio desperately need an overhaul and introduction of preventative safety measures, concerning the inhalation of clay and glaze dust.

I still have yet to reach out to Dr. Katz, Matt Roberts,  Dan Gunderson, Dengke Chen, or Krista Franco. This is in part due to my own nervousness, but I do intend to reach out to them within the following week and a half preceding the end of this internship so I can obtain information and insights to make a few more posts.

The next web intern can pick up where I left off concerning my drafted and unfinished posts that focus on past seniors and especially future events in the Hand Art Center. Tonya Curran expressed great interest in continuing to keep in touch with CREA interns, and to promote the website to new and current students in the Creative Arts Department as a resource.

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  1. Thanks for preparing these posts for the fall ahead of time. It will really help the next student to have some items already in the pipeline.

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