New Exciting Project + Goodbyes

Unfortunately this week I found out it was the last day for one of my supervisors. Although it will be odd not seeing her, I was glad to see how excited she was for her next journey at her next job! Overall, it was a generally relaxing day and the vibe felt different this week. I’m not sure if this is because the office is renovating so all the departments are connected and everyone is settling in still or I’ve felt comfortable in the environment and space finally, but it was a better vibe.

To add onto this, I also got to start on a new and the most exciting project yet! The creative team has begun working on casual wear (t-shirts) for a collaboration between AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) and Rox Volleyball. We started off the day by spending about an hour looking for inspiration and creative designs that we would like to incorporate into the shirts we were going to design. Then, we went over all of the inspirations and spoke about them as a team. For the rest of the day, we used these ideas and inspirations to create our own t-shirt designs. This was a new but really exciting experience for me and it got me more enthusiastic about the clothing design field and I have a new passion/appreciation for it all. I’ll be continuing this project until the end of my internship but I’m most excited because this project will become available worldwide and these t-shirt designs will actually be available to the public eventually. A product/project that I’ve made that can actually be held/worn by tons of people!