One Week Left

The past two weeks at carnival have been completely crazy. I have had more to do than ever before. First, I had to create a whole new type of report for one of the head developers at Carnival. This was a quality assurance document that stated all the possible scenarios that should be tested to check the functionality of a new campaign. Since we were trying to test three different products with different browsers and scenarios, the list got really huge and took me around three days to finish the document and send it to the head developer.

After that, me and a colleague made the QA (quality assurance) for two of our on going campaigns: courtesy hold emails, and email remarketing for itinerary views. These two had to be done in a rush because my supervisor was going on vacation so we had to finish it before the left. This experience taught me a big lesson, Β team work and communication is key in any project. No matter how simple of complicated the project can be, nothing works without having these two. Thanks to good communication and team work, we were able to finish the report in half a day. This in my opinion was outstanding considering the length of the report.

After this, I had to keep in pace with the other on going projects that I have under my management; destination remarketing weekly report, cross device stitching and mobile remarketing for search and itinerary. However, I was able to do all of them without any delays.

And last, but no least, I had to complete one of the most frustrating projects I have had in this internship: The Personalization Program Update Presentation. This project is not exactly hard, however, its the importance of it is what makes it really stressful. This update is going to be presented to the VP of marketing of Carnival Cruises. I am representing my whole team and our work in this presentation. It has to be perfect. I have been working on this non-stop until now. The presentation will be around the end ofΒ this week and it will mark the end of my internship at Carnival Cruise Line.

Overall the lesson of these past weeks is that soft skills are as important (or more) as technical skills. It’s a lesson that I will never forget.

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  1. Your last two sentences say it all. I have been thinking that consistently as I read your posts. I am glad that you arrived at that realization on your own. Can I quote you to other students on that topic?

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