Outside the Office of University Marketing

Kara Cummings does marketing for the School of Business. So she works with University Marketing, but also outside of University Marketing. I’ll explain..

Mainly when it comes to creative things and marketing materials you usually have to go through the Creative Department of University Marketing, buuuuttttt when you need something quickly they’re a little busy.. Talking to Kara she says that if it’s something that’s going out internally, within Stetson/your department, then it’s okay to not have them make it and you do it. If it’s something that’s going out to the public it’s better to get their approval first.

One of the most important things when working with somebody else is you have to be organized. Kara uses a project management program called Asana. It helps you to organize your projects and the steps you need to make to complete the project.

So when you are working with Creative it’s best practice to tell them what you need at least 6 weeks before you absolutely need it. You should also give them a specific date and a reason why you need it by that date. If you need it sooner than 6 weeks it’s best to give them a few different dates instead of just one.

The Creative Department isn’t super difficult to work with, which is something I definitely thought at one point. They are just EXTREMELY busy. After working with Brittany Strozo for just one day, I was overwhelmed with the amount of things she has to do in just one day.

Talking to Kara I got some insight as to what I can do for the department of Continuing Education and Outreach since we’re also on the outside of University Marketing.

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