This past week, I was at my desk in the English department’s office for my work study job when a professor came in and asked me if I’d heard back from any law schools. As the writer of one of my law school recommendation letters, he’s heard plenty about my future plans and what the last year has been like for me going through the LSAC application process. While I was updating him, Dr. Terri Witek overheard and added how much need there is for lawyers working on copyright law in the realm of literature and art.

I am planning to pursue a concentration in patent/intellectual property law, so this was right up my alley. While copyright law is in the general vicinity of patent law, the latter is much more technologically involved, and so I hadn’t given much consideration to what it would look like to work with copyrights. Part of the appeal of being a lawyer, though, is that you are able to dabble in different areas of the law. As an English major, I have a invested interest in literature. Spending the two semesters as a web intern for the Creative Arts department has also given me a greater appreciation for the arts.

It’s exciting to see the ways my interests could overlap in the future. My heritage in aerospace and passion for problem-solving is what has driven me to pursue patent law, but there are other interests I thought I would be putting aside in my future career. I assumed my more artistic interests would become hobbies I had to make time for when I could. Looking forward, the possibility of my English major and internship experiences influencing some of my career choices seems like more of a possibility, and it’s a brighter horizon because of it.


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  1. Dr. Witek is right. Copyright is an area of the law where many things need to catch up. We are operating in the 21st century with laws that were designed for early 20th century technologies.

    One of the more exciting initiatives at reform is Creative Commons. Read about it if you can.

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