Week 9 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, April 1st, concludes my ninth week working at MoArtDeLand. This week was all about Social Media.  My work time involved a lot of social media management including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter captions for some upcoming exhibitions and Facebook banners. I learned a lot of strategies this week aimed at attention grabbing for social captions and the benefits of proper hashtaging and tagging. It is important to realize that social media changes our realm of communication. Social media networking allows organizations to reach millions of users on a platform they are using on a daily basis. Through these platforms the Museum of Art is able to reach the DeLand community and advertise upcoming events to increase public involvement. That is why it is important to analyze the content I put out for the Museum of Art as it affects their image. Going forward in my career, these strategies will have a constructive impact on how I produce content for Social Media.

Week 10 Reflection

In this blog entry, I would like to reflect on the experiences I got from the internship so far. It has been a positive one for me. I think I learned a lot of new things in the industry. I am glad I got the opportunity to participate in this business. Being here, I got involved in many tasks that I am sure are useful to me and my future. Becoming an assistant has been a journey, because at first I did not know where and how to start, but with guidance of my supervisor I was able to learn quickly and understand my job. I think that my communication with my supervisor has become much better, and I am able to speak with her and address any questions that I have. Many tasks I have done were involving computer use, and I am very happy that I got to Photoshop a few images, as well as managing her photo gallery and organizing it. I am also a lot better at writing professional emails, which surprised me. I am thankful that I got a few tips from my supervisor about that. Answering emails and writing new ones has been a difficult task at first, but now I am able to do it on my own and even add my own twist to it. Before starting this internship, I thought that being an assistant wouldn’t be as interesting and important to the whole business, but it certainly is; I learned a lot by working here and now I know that assistants play an important role and help supervisors manage their business. Sometimes in this job, I get to input my personal opinion and express my thoughts on certain projects. Often supervisor needs my creative eye to look at things in a different way. Overall, I am very pleased and proud of the work that I do here and am hoping to continue to explore new tasks and projects that come my way.

Wrapping it Up

This is my last week interning with SHE Changes Everything. Despite it being the end, I’m still keeping busy with designing graphics for them. I finally gained access to all of the folders needed to make more quotes for them so I’ve included an example of a few of those. Additionally, we’ve begun to focus more on poster options for SHE Day which is coming up soon. Everyone on the team has helped contribute to the idea for these, I’m just the one putting it all together in hopes of finding one that’s just right. I’ve also attached a few of the options we’re trying to decide between for these posters.

Although at times this internship has been a bit frustrating because I didn’t have access to the right folders, or I wasn’t hearing back from anyone, or because they’d assign a huge project and then want it by the next day, I can honestly say that I have gained so much from this experience. Without access to the folders, I learned to adapt. With a lack of communication, I learned how to better mine. With a huge project and a short deadline, I learned how to schedule my time properly and work under pressure. Overall, I learned more from this internship than I ever expected to, and I have the opportunity to attend one of their SHE Day events this summer, so I’m sure I will learn even more while I’m there.

Week 8 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, March 25th, concludes my eighth week working at MoArtDeLand. This week I was super busy finalizing all of my designs for fliers, posters, and shop cards for the Museum Guild and their Art in Motion event. I was at the printer every day and made numerous deliveries to get everything done on time. A major skill I learned from this process was learning ways to simplify my work. I always try to do more and add more or cover up more white space when I am turning in works for a grade, but I have learned I need to relax my mind when it comes to delivering work in a professional setting. Stylish work doesn’t have to be cluttered with wording or design. It can be simple with communication, design expectation, and knowing the audience my work will be presented to. I realized through this process that the delivery and communication setting in a classroom differs greatly from that of a real work environment.


March 25 – Break Time?

These last couple of weeks have been verrry slow. Our schedule was cleared since the Women’s Basketball team didn’t advance in their tournament. We did have the opportunity to start doing Softball games as we had our first double header on the 18th.  After the broadcast I tried helping out the camera men and women disassemble their tripods and such. I figured it would help me get familiar with what they do a bit more and maybe give me an opportunity to run camera for a game once I learn how to set it up and all. We have a game against USF coming up for Baseball and I was entrusted to do their headshots for the game. Not only am I getting experience with the headshots but I’m also learning how to organize the files and share them in an efficient way now that I have a bunch.

March 11 – Baseball Time!

And thus concludes basketball season as we march right into baseball. Last time blogging I wrote about doing headshots for our team so that we would have them ready on game day. Ever since I’ve been trusted alot more with doing headshots for upcoming games and even started to do some of the other team’s headshots as well. I’m definitely getting a lot of practice within photoshop and really defining a work flow. It only takes me about an hour now to do the whole team! This weekend’s baseball game went pretty smooth considering it was our first one that we aired this season. I’m hoping that once I’ve concluded with my senior project that I’ll have more time to start working on SBP graphics and such. I’m really excited to do those for the team.


This week was not busy, since my supervisor had construction going on in the office to replace the window frames. Something new I had to do was that, since my supervisor was busy with clients, I had to pick up the phone and speak with customer and get their billing information. Which at first was nerve-wracking for me and I was hesitant to answer, because the construction noises were very loud, and I was afraid I wouldn’t hear the voice of the person, but when I picked up the call it was quite easy and I went to another location; I thought that I could do more with that and now can return voicemails and schedule appointments if needed. On Wednesday, mostly I tried to find emails that went to junk mail and see if any emails from the website would be legitimate and I found a few, which were sent months ago, so I had to write them back and ask for information so that we could set up an interview appointment. On Monday, I answered a couple of emails as per usual and emailed our printer about new e cards to be made. With appointments coming up, I was asked to find application forms and give them out to the new clients. Also this week, there was something new happening, when my supervisor went for the photo shoot on location, I was left alone with deleting some pictures from way before and finding photos clients have approved to go on the e card, but someone came without an appointment and asked for representation in this business. Then, I texted my supervisor and asked if she would see them that day, but she had other appointments and asked me to get their information. Later, we emailed her back to set up a meeting to talk about how this business works and what she needs to do to get started. Overall, this week was easygoing and not that demanding, and with construction going on, I didn’t get a chance to participate as much.

Week 7 MoArtDeLand

Monday, March 18th, concludes my seventh week working at MoArtDeLand. This was the week I returned after break. This week was very fun as I assisted in the closing of the Sandy Winters show over at the Downtown Museum location. I helped with the Condition Reports for various pieces before they were taken down and repacked for shipment to their next exhibit location. Condition reports are very important records for an artist and museum professionals. They are used to keep track of the changing physical condition of artworks and their attendant structures (frames, mounting structure). For the museums purposes they are pretty much a safeguard against liability for damaged work. This damage could be caused by things like gallery temperature and humidity or harm during the shipping process. This was a nice lesson to have as I am also learning about environment conditions in gallery spaces within my Collection Management class.

Week 8 _ Getting used to the workflow

This week I worked only on Monday, and it was an easy work day. I helped my supervisor with answering emails and Instagram messages. The day started off by my supervisor, her client and me sitting at the computer and looking over the photo shoot pictures together. Supervisor had a view appointment, which means that a client comes over to look at the photos taken at the locations and picks her favorites for the comp cards, while we also can Photoshop them on the spot and edit them to the person’s liking. I got to sit and observe this process and learn a few things, for example, of how one should communicate with client and satisfy their needs, so that they will be happy with our services. I also learned from the past weeks on how to build a relationship with clients, so that they will refer us to their friends. My supervisor also asked the client if she wanted some pictures to be sent to her email, so that she can use them for herself in Instagram or etc. Usually, we give out a CD of photos to every client, but if the customer desires to have them emailed to her, we could do that as well.  After this appointment, I was sending out emails to our printer, so that he could print the comp cards or edit them if the client wanted extra editing on the cards or if there were any mistakes made on the name or etc. Believe it or not, that happens quite often; we send out information on the person with their height and size, etc.; and then when the printer sends us a copy of the e-card, we send it directly to the client for their approval, and sometimes it would have mistakes in the size or other information, and then we would have to contact the printer again and tell him to fix the issues; then we send the fixed card back to the client and wait for approval, before we could print them. There is a lot of back and forth communication happening in this business. I finished my day by sending out an email to a list of clients from the previous months; this email is what we call a “friendly” email, which means that its content is about getting back to the models, asking how they are doing, and say if we have any opportunities soon or any jobs coming up in the future.

Week 6 MoArtDeland

Friday, March 1st, I completed my sixth week of working at MoArtDeland. This was a shorter week of working with break the following week. Just because it was a shorter working week doesn’t mean I was any less busy. This week I worked in-depth on learning about the upcoming show featuring black and white film photographer Gary Monroe. Gary Monroe’s images provide a glimpse into the lives of the people he photographs. Monroe’s images provide a glimpse into a number of communities that add to the character of Florida and other localities. His images vary from the old world Jewish community that characterized South Beach Miami, to Haitian resettlement camps, to tourists visiting Disney World, and the various landscapes that these cities and communities are built upon. These visual stories focus on specific populations, examining their daily experiences and the challenges that they face. Learning about Monroe’s work will help me understand the fashion in which the images will be displayed within the gallery during showcase. This knowledge is allowing me to get insight on curatorial thinking when setting up an exhibition.