Week 7 – Busy week

This week, I got to work twice and got to participate in the photo-shoot again. These working days were quite busy for me. On Monday, I helped with answering emails and sending out billing information to the accounting department. On Wednesday, I started out with helping my supervisor with getting back to the clients by writing to them and answering any questions they might have had, and then I went to the photo-shoot locations and held the reflector for better lighting, so that the pictures would come out looking brighter and sunnier, since this is Florida and pictures have to show tropical, warm weather; Also, it was very chilly and windy that day, and I was freezing at times, my hands for shaking and that was a challenge for me to hold this gigantic reflector in a specific direction so that I could reflect the sunlight onto the model’s face. At the end of the day, I was using paper trimmer again and cut out white spaces around the printed portfolio photos. My supervisor had told me, that I am going to do another project, probably starting next week. It will be something that is related to my first project and involves excel and is a basically a paperwork assignment. I am enjoying this internship experience and I like that I always have something to do. I am already half way through this semester, and hope that I would get to work on the web design soon. Even though I am new at this, I feel like I could contribute and improve the overall look and style of the website and make it more user friendly.

Week 6 (New tasks-New experiences)

This week was not busy and I have not spent many hours at the agency’s office. I worked once this week, and not even that many hours, since my supervisor made it a short day due to the lack of interviews. I am planning on spending a few hours working for her on spring break week, since I am a commuter and I live close to campus and I spend my breaks usually working at my job and will add my internship work time as well. So I will be busy next week with work and catching up on my school assignments. I finally finished my excel project and my supervisor loved its layout and how it had enough space between entries and it even had space to take notes if needed; she said my work was neat, organized and easy to look at. I haven’t spent much time before on working in excel, but after this project I think I got lots of practice and am now comfortable with doing anything else that I might come across with in the future. This past Wednesday, I got to work with Photoshop again and touched up a few photos of the models. I also got a new, interesting task for me to do, which was to calculate all the agency’s expenses of the month on a sheet of paper, which introduced me to a new field of accounting, which I was always interested in pursuing before. This internship has lots of different tasks for me to do every single week, which is pretty cool and this variety helps me stay positive and interested, instead of getting bored. Where in my case, sometimes I get bored quickly with repeating same task over and over again.

Feb 18 – Headshots!

After the previous super busy week it was nice to slow back down so I could study for my upcoming midterms. My supervisor got back to me after I submitted those cutouts I did for the men’s basketball team. He said the headshots were really good and asked me to continue doing them for the broadcast team! That week I proceeded to do cutouts for all of the women’s lacrosse team and the men’s baseball team – 67 headshots in total. I’m used to doing work in Photoshop but I had never done so many at one time so the experience really helped me streamline my process within Photoshop.  On Wednesday we had a double header for both men’s and women’s basketball. For the first game, I attended my usual position as graphics operator but we changed it open for the open of the second game which was pretty cool. They let me work as the Technical Director! The Technical Director’s job is to basically cut between live shots on the Director’s cue. The TD is the one controlling all of the transitions during the game and switching into the replay system if necessary. It was a lot of fun trying out a different position but also pretty humbling. I forget sometimes just how much goes into the process of airing a single game and how much responsibility goes into each broadcast member. Everyone does a really great job and I’m proud to be a part of our broadcast. Hopefully as the semester goes by I’ll be able to branch out a bit more and try a few more positions.

So Many Quotes

After having our weekly conference call on Friday, I was assigned to make even more graphics. They shared a document with me that has a bunch of different categories they want, and then under each category, they have quotes for me to include in these graphics. It’s a similar assignment to last week however, I don’t need to invert the colors on this one so if they want ten graphics they only need ten rather than twenty which is nice. I’ve had some issues with the folders them sharing with me being empty when they are supposed to have content in them that they want me to include, but after reaching out we usually get that sorted out pretty quickly. I have not made any of these quotes as I’m still waiting for one specific folder to be shared with me so I won’t have those to share with you until next week. However, the poster that I had mentioned from last week I currently have a rough draft to share. We’re still working on all the details so it’s rather blank but it is attached below. After reaching out to Heather and communicating that I felt like I was being left in the dark at times she has become much more responsive to emails and calls so I’m glad I finally reached out to her in regards to that as that was the main issue that I was having. For now, though all I have to show is this poster as previously mentioned, next week I will have different poster ideas as well as social media graphics to share with you so stay tuned for those!

Week 5 MoArtDeLand

Today, February 25th, I finished my fifth week at the Museum of Art DeLand. This past week I worked on some more press release drafts for some upcoming exhibitions. I used the press releases issued by the Museum on the website as guidance. I also used the essays from the Museum’s CEO that he completed about each of the artists and these particular exhibitions as a reference. I had to pull out two quotes from the CEO’s essays that could stand alone in the press releases to describe the show and the art.  These writing assignments have given me insight into the ways museums market themselves through texts. An important component of museum press releases is the extent in which they are able to engage with the surrounding community.

Writing press releases for exhibitions is an essential task at the Museum of Art DeLand as they serve as the first introduction to the show for the public, artists, and press. Maintaining and increasing visitors is also another role these press releases have. The Museum depends on a steady stream of people coming to the exhibitions and opening receptions. Without a good attendance the works just collect dust and can’t provide any educational benefit to the DeLand community. I have learned through these assignments that press releases like the ones I am drafting have a major effect on whether people visit, review, and purchase items from the Museums locations.

Week 5-Regular Work Week

During this week, I worked two days, instead of the regular one day a week schedule. I turned in my project and my supervisor told me that the printed version of the excel assignment was good, but it could use some improvement, and gave me another week to figure out how to space the cells out better, so that they print well. As per usual, I had my daily tasks and helped with answering messages and writing to new clients. On Monday, I got to see the whole process of preparing for photography session of new clients for the comp cards. I also took pictures of billing information of clients for their photo shoot and comp cards that I had to send to the accounting department. This week, I also had lots of filing to do and I am pretty good at it, since on my previous job, I had good practice of doing that. Something new that happened to me this week, was that I had to walk three blocks to pick up the portfolio photos from a printing company; it was a sunny day and I enjoyed my walk and got to see the downtown area, which was pretty cool, since I haven’t been to that part of the city before. I got to work on portfolios, construct them and cut out the white, blank spaces with paper trimmer. Besides this new task, this week was not as busy as before and I did not have any new projects for me to do. Hopefully, next week I could start working on something new and get a new experience in this industry. So far, I liked that my tasks were structured and I knew what to do every time, especially when I am finished with previous tasks.

Poster for across the U.S.

During my last conference call, Heather asked me to start designing a poster for their upcoming SHE Day event. She said she would send me the details for what they wanted later that night, however, I didn’t receive any info until yesterday and usually, I turn in my work every Friday. So again, it’s stressful having only having one day to finish projects they assign me. I had reached out about when I would receive the information and never heard anything until receiving it last night. Although stressful it’s still very exciting as these posters will be used to promote their events across the U.S. They have events in Orange County, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Nashville, TN, and Chicago, IL. So it’s very exciting being able to have my work shown across the U.S. and no longer just on their social media accounts! They gave me a few ideas for what they wanted, but more so told me what they don’t want so I have a lot of options to go with. Next week I’ll be sure to upload what I’ve come up with but for now, I have nothing new to show!

Feb 11 – Busy Broadcast Week!

This week was a busy week for us at Stetson Broadcasting! We had four home games to broadcast, all basketball games this week. Early in the week in prep for the upcoming games I asked about getting full body jpegs of the players so that I could insert them into the broadcast to make it look a little better. I’m including one of the examples I did of Abayomi Iyiola. (one of about 10) It was nice being able to help out with the cutouts and being able to use them during our broadcasts. I’d love to start getting pictures and action shots of the players during the game so that we can cut them out and use them as thumbnails for play of the game or something along those lines. In the future I’m hoping to start working on some motion graphics that I can leave with the broadcast team after I graduate. Looking forward to the double header on the 23rd!

Week 4 MoArtDeLand

Monday, February 18th, concludes my fourth week at Museum of Art Deland. The most important and productive times for me throughout the day are when I have the opportunity to create content. I addressed last week how I was assigned with some new graphic design work for an event in early April. I am responsible for assisting in creating a design strategy for this upcoming event launch. What was once a fairly straightforward job of creating flier and poster content has morphed into one that requires a variety of communication skills. In this assignment my design work will not only reflect the museum but the sponsors participating in the event. This means my work must be approved by them also before going to print. This assignment has a learning curve because there are so many goals I could potentially focus on like sponsor awareness, social engagement, creation content, and others. I had to learn more about prioritizing and collaboration. A big takeaway from all of this is that there are so many different ways to interpret a project that involves multiple parties. This assignment taught me to step outside of the box and put myself in someone else’s shoes in order to sell a design idea. This will be a necessary skill since I am interested in the advertising field.

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics!!!

Per usual, I had my weekly conference call with Heather. Last week she asked me to make some graphics for their Instagram account. She shared an excel sheet with me and told me to make a graphic for each highlighted quote from someone who had attended the event the year before. I skimmed through it and had some ideas based on their color scheme so thought it would be a pretty simple task. However, I soon came to realize that there were thirty-six quotes that they wanted graphics for. The design I had in mind was super simple and chic so it wouldn’t be too complex, but it would be very time-consuming. After completing all thirty-six graphics I let Heather know and she asked that I make 2 for each quote. One that had a colored background and white text and one that had a white background but colored text. This would mean that I needed to make another thirty-six graphics. So, to say the least, it was a very graphic filled week, but I learned a lot of time management and was able to complete all seventy-two graphics on time! I attached a preview of these graphics.