Post 7!

This last week at North Avenue Studios has been very hands on! Since David had been out of town for a while there was a large chunk of studio time open to work on some mixes with him for the Off The Avenue Series.  This weekend (health pending) we’ll be working on an Off The Avenue with one of David’s favorite bands Tycho and I’m hoping to get in a few new mixes before the end of the semester to add to my portfolio! Speaking of Off The Avenue some of our newer stuff is up so I’ll finally be able to post some of the bands I’ve worked with! It’s crazy that the semester is coming to a close  and also the amount I’ve learned at North Ave! The following three I set up, recorded, and assisted mixing:


Weekly Reflection 14

Week fourteen 04/18 through 04/24


This week started with me finishing up the posters that I have been creating, but then I was asked to make them smaller changing the dimensions from 2ft by 3ft to 18in by 24in. Once I was asked to do this I sat down with Marta to go through the photos of the planes, so that she could just pick the planes that she wanted made into posters. Now that she has picked these it made making the posters a lot quicker and now that they are finished I can show them to Marta, hopefully get them approved and start creating the book that she wants so showcase her work. The website has been apparent again in this week for little changes through out.  Which consisted of moving some pictures that were again in the wrong place, repositioning a paragraph on the interior page. I also put more transportation and lodging information on the contact page, in order to make it easier for customers to find a way to their facility or a close place to stay. The last thing that I updated on the website was a promo tab for future promotions, which Sonya a new employee will be creating a design for my to put on this tab, I believe, every month. With next week being the last week I have a couple things that I hope to finish. One being the book of examples and two, a way to showcase different interior and exterior samples that Marta would like made to make it easier to showcase different combinations.


Note: The posters are too large to upload onto this forum.

Contact Page

Interior Page


Portfolios due

Sorry I have not been able to respond the last few weeks about your posts. I have been reading them though! Just wanted to post a quick reminder that with the end of the semester, your portfolios will soon be due. As the syllabus says, the portfolio must contain:

  1. Journal entries
  2. Final reflection essay (800 to 1000 words)
  3. Letter from outside supervisor
  4. Documentation of work completed

It is due before Tuesday, May 6 @ 4pm. Let me know if you have any questions.

Weekly Reflection 13

Week thirteen 04/11 through 04/17


This week at East Coast Aircraft was no different from the rest, but a little more rewarding because I was able to complete a lot tasks for them that were all basically approved. I started off the week creating more posters for them, which I was able to complete about half of the Piston Twin Planes. Another task that I accomplished this week was the sixth Eblast Advertisement for an aircraft magazine like I’ve done before for 5 other advertisements. This week also consisted of going back to the website and reconfiguring some pages. First I was tasked to Remove the Primary interior and exterior pages and consolidate them as a list in the corner of the existing interior and exterior sub pages. I also was asked to take the cockpit page and cabin page and consolidate them as well to make one interior page with no sub-tabs. For the exterior page I was asked to do the same, where the strip and paint page is now the primary exterior page instead of a sub-tab. Also we noticed that some of the titles on the home page and through out the website there were links that actually weren’t links, so I went and removed the ability to click on these titles. The last task for the website was to change some things on the contact page. First Marta wanted the google map to show the satellite view first instead of the map view. Second she wanted the ability to have an area where people could easily find Hotels around the area near their location, so I put some links to a couple local hotels under the map with the hotels phone number and address. That was it for this week and just two more weeks left.



Location infö added, and satellite view loaded first
Location infö added, and satellite view loaded first
All tabs consolidated into one page
All tabs consolidated into one page
All consolidated into one page
All consolidated into one page

Post 6

This past week David has been at the PAX east video game convention with the game “Grabbles” we’ve been working on, so I wasn’t able to go into North Ave this week at all. That being said I’ve been working in the Stetson Studio on two tracks for our Production 2 class after getting feedback from David on them. Having limited experience with recording and producing percussion, he had a lot of advice on how mine should sit in the mix, panning techniques, and how to keep layered percussion tracks from getting messy. The in progress version of this track can be listened to at the link below!

Weekly Reflection 12

Week twelve 04/05 through 04/10


This week at East Coast Aircraft was pretty eventful because I was able to finalize some designs for Marta that were up to her standards. First off I redesigned some of the eblast designs because she wanted some of the layouts and colors changed and now that I have done that she is happy with most of them. I also went back and fixed some of the Sun and Fun posters for her so that she could use those for the event. I have also completed some more posters for her that includes most of the single piston planes. I still have to find a new background and a way to get the pictures to stand out a little more. Another thing that I was able to do is update all of the jet posters so that they are all the correct size, which unfortunately a lot of the pictures that are used aren’t large enough, so I have discussed that with her and she says that she might just not use those planes. The last thing that I accomplished this week was the 5th advertisement for Eblast, which I still need to show to Marta for approval. Hopefully everything will be approved this week and I can focus more on different designs and the Book that she wants created.









Post Five

This week over at North Avenue Studios was a relatively calm week session wise, David was too busy getting ready for the PAX conference. As it turns out this was an awesome chance to really sit down and go through a mix with him as we worked on the opening track for the Grabbles demo. Starting from the stems up we went through the many many settings of his board and how all the busses and mixes flow into and out of the board (Which seriously helped my understanding of how everything runs through the patch bay). Working through the theme track also gave me a low pressure environment (aka with a client watching me fumble) to explore the different sounds that each rack had, and ask a lot of questions about the settings he’s chosen with a very intensive focus on compressors. After that we listened to my two tracks from ARP2. David gave me a lot of great feedback, and gave me a lot of great feedback on how to make my mixes cleaner. My homework for the week is to implement those changes and bring them back for further review, ready to see where we can take my tracks!

Weekly Reflection 11

Week Eleven 03/27 through 04/04


This week at East Coast Aircraft went well and was successful in many ways. First off after this weeks update I was able to finally see one of my designs in an advertising magazine for local businesses. Also Marta told me that the Business Cards have been printed and they look excellent. For the design work that I completed this week I took the signs for the Fun and Sun event and enlarged them. After doing this there was a big Set back because it pixilated the logo so I had to spend quite amount of time recreating the logo so that it would not be pixilated once blown up to the 20x16in dimensions. Another thing that I achieved was fixing the Eblast advertisements 2 and 3. Also I was able to create a new advertisement for this week. After the update on Thursday Marta had asked me to redo the advertisements that have the black logo with gold trim and make it a plain yellow logo because she feels like it will stand out more. So after a long week of making advertisements I will be going back to improve them once more. Hopefully this week I will be able to give her a final copy of these advertisements that are up to her standards.


02_eblast_version2 03_eblast_version2 04_eblast20x16_interior_black_trim 20x16_interior_combined_trim 20x16_interior_gold_trim 20x16_paint_black_trim 20x16_paint_combined_trim 20x16_paint_gold_trim 20x16_Paint_interior_black_trim 20x16_paint_interior_combined_trim 20x16_paint_interior_gold_trim

Post Four

What a week! This past week we (besides the usual studio upkeep) we managed to squeeze in an amazing off the avenue session. For the first time since the beginning of my internship there David was completely hands off during a session! From greeting the band until the filming started it was all in my hands. I would have preferred that it had gone smoother but for such a big jump in my level of involvement I can’t really complain! The biggest hurdle was the patch bay by far. Getting to pick what amp, compressor and EQ racks I got took some time, but them figuring out how to get the signal through everything and then back to protools really threw me for a loop. I also learned a very big lesson: don’t try to patch the bay before you set the band up. I figured I would save some time before they got there and patch the setup that we usually use, but it wasn’t made to be. The bands set up was way different than one I’d previously worked with. It’s amazing how a few extra D.I. boxes and three extra vocalists can completely mess up your signal flow. After resolving all of those issues though things went fairly smooth! Even had the awesome chance to work with a spinning Leslie for the first time! The hope is that all of these sessions will be online soon and I can start dropping links here as they get released.


Until next week!

Weekly Reflection 10

Week ten 03/21 through 03/27

This week was pretty successful in getting stuff to printing for upcoming events that Marta will be attending in order to advertise East Coast Aircraft. First off I was able to create a business card for her husband which was pretty easily since all I had to do was replace her name with his and she tells me that these will hopefully be printed in the next couple weeks. During the week there was a set back due to the fact that I had to go in and resize of the posters that I have been creating because unfortunately I was making them 2×3 inches instead of 2x3ft which obviously is a huge difference. I so far have gotten caught up for the most part with resizing all of the posters for the Jet category. Also marta asked me to stop into the Stetson print shop to get an estimate on how much it would cost to print the posters that I am developing. I also was able to complete another Eblast advertisement, which will make 3 of 10. Last I developed signs for Marta to put up in front of the planes that they either refurbished or painted or both at an event that she will be attending called “Fun and Sun. Next week should be an even better experience at East Coast Aircraft and I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish for them.

Paulus Business Car

3rd Eblast Ad

Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign