Post #3

Crunch time is upon us over at North Avenue Studios! Grabbles (the video game that David brought me in to work on) got accepted to PAX east bringing our deadline from “work on these sounds at your leisure” to about twenty days from now! Over the last few days David has been helping me learn Unity, which is the programming software the game developers are using. Within Unity theres a whole special protocol for audio called Master Audio, which I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to wrap my head around. Master Audio gives you some basic control of the sounds you load into the software, but is mostly geared toward defining what in game events trigger each sound. Learning Unity has been pretty time consuming, but will hopefully speed up the creative process as we near our deadline.

Today we spent most of the day setting up for an Off The Avenue Session. Once we had finished david gave me a few pointers on my Beatbox track for the ARP2 album. We spoke a lot about different production styles and how there really isn’t a “correct” way to work.

In other news, for the first time ever at an off the avenue session, I mic-ed and routed everything correctly the first time!

Weekly Reflection 9

Week nine 03/14 through 03/20


This week everything has been pretty slow due to the lack of website improvements. For the website the only that I was asked to do was to add an icon for Linked in and add a few more photos to carousel on the home page of For now since the website is basically complete I have been focusing on creating advertisements for Marta and her company East Coast Aircraft. After my update with her she only asked me to change a couple things on the advertisements in order for them to be complete. So this next week I will try to finish those in order to get them into the newspapers/magazines. Also she asked me to revisit the business cards one last time to improve them slightly before printing. What she asked me to do was remove the title under her name and to make them all glossy instead of the leather texture that we were thinking about doing. Another thing that I completed were mock-ups for posters that will be made for customers/office display. After I am done with all of the posters she wants me to get them printed and then also using them in order to make a book of their work. Hopefully these up coming weeks pay off and I can finish a lot of advertisements for her and start on the book that she wants me to make.



no title under name
no title under name


I don't like the middle sections color on this ad and hope to improve it somehow
I don’t like the middle sections color on this ad and hope to improve it somehow

Weekly Reflection 8

Week eight 03/07 through 03/13

This week for my internship was great. Unfortunately Jewel has moved on to Grad school, so I lost my main contact for the internship, which I was a little worried about because she is the one that gives me all of the work to do and kept me busy for the week. This turned out not to be a problem because Marta the president was just as attentive to keeping me busy for the entire week. I’ve moved away from the Website now since I’ve almost done everything they’ve asked from me to update. So for this week I was assigned a bunch of photoshop based designed, which is great because it expands my skills from not only web design but to photoshop now as well. This week I started off by finished up the business cards which she still wanted me change slightly even though she was happy with it the week prior. Also I finished the postcard flyers because again she wanted me to change them slightly so that she could fit the stamp and the to: address. I also took it a step further and designed both of these in a web application called Layar, which enables augmented reality, which I hope to show her in this next week. Another task I completed was an advertisement for an upcoming newspaper ad. In addition I also started to work on a design for posters that she hopes to give out to past customers and to hang in her office for display.


I would upload some examples but for some reason it keeps showing an error. I will try later on.

Post #2

This last week and a half has been a pretty great week at North Avenue Studios! Last monday I ran my first full session, from mic-ing everything, to patching all the racks, setting up the session and recording! The biggest obstacle was overcoming the differences between David’s studio template and my usual mic setup, I think I had to re-mic three or four times at least but no pain no gain right?

After that session I learned an important life lesson: studios are not meant to move.  David and Joe Flanagan were going to Georgia and running a bunch of Off the Ave sessions with the majority of a music festival. Needles to say David wanted to take a lot of his own equipment and it also goes without saying that as the intern I got to find it all. Lesson learned, if I build a studio it stays put.

The final part of this entry actually didn’t happen at North Avenue but at the South Eastern Theater Conference. Over weekend a few theater majors and myself went to the South Eastern Theater Conference to go through a massive amount of job and internship interviews. As people went through my resume and portfolio they always seemed impressed that I’m interning at a professional studio. I didn’t realize how much attention people pay to where you’ve interned and gone to college!

Until next time!

Weekly Reflection 7

Week seven 02/28 through 03/06


Week seven of my internship was a lot like the rest, a bunch of photo editing, resizing and uploading. Luckily I was able to finish the advertisement for them to be put into a magazine that will be advertised for about a month. Also I was able to almost finalize the post card sized flyers that Marta wanted to send out to her customers for more advertising. Another item that I was able to start on were templates for posters that Marta is hoping to make for around the office and the workplace to show off her work in an easy and professional manner. I was suppose to get a design drawn up for the promotions tab because she wants it to be a picture that the customer can possibly print out and bring in to the shop or just view from their website. Due to it being spring break however and me spending some time at home I was not able to complete this for her. Fortunately I am meeting one of the other designers that they have, so that we can brain storm on some of these tasks to make it easier for all of us with communication. I hope by meeting the other designer that not only will it help all of us to communicate our ideas better, but also for her to give me some ideas in order for me to complete the promotions page and other advertisements that Marta needs for the upcoming magazine entries.


Unfortunately the posters exceed the file size that is required to upload.





Weekly Reflection 6

Week six 02/21 through 02/27

The internship took up a lot of my time this week and I went well over the 12 hours that is required for me to spend. But I felt that it was better that I didn’t allow the time constraint decide whether or not I was done for the week because by going over I got mostly everything they wanted me to get done completed. The things that I completed consisted of getting the gallery done, I imagine in the weeks to come they will ask me to upload more photos to the gallery, but for now it is done and they are happy with how it looks. They asked me to add the photos, but also they asked me to make sure that all of the pages within the gallery had the title of the aircraft as well as the job that was done, whether it was a paint or interior job or both. Another thing they asked me to do was create a page that had a list of testimonials on it in order for other customers to see how happy other people are with East Coast Aircraft’s service. The last thing that I completed this week was a advertisement design that they could send to various different magazines, so for that I went in to East Coast Aircraft and discussed what they would like the design to look like and their overall design. From there I took their ideas and design and made them a mock-up in Photoshop. Overall they are happy with it, they would just like to add one other picture that they will be sending me within the week.


-Testimonial Page






Weekly Reflection 5

Week Five 02/14 through 02/20


This week was some what successful. East Coast Aircraft has asked me to rework their gallery just like I have been doing in previous weeks, but this time they have decided on something that they like, so now I can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the gallery. I have already made a separate template for the gallery pages since they have their own nav bar, which overall will make it easier for me if I need to change something and would like it to change for all of the corresponding gallery pages. They have asked me to move away from the flyer for now since they are not going to Sun and Fun this year, so instead they want me to heavily focus on getting the website 100% complete. In order to do this I must complete all of the gallery pages, add a promotions page, and a testimonial page. Another thing that they asked me to do is create posters for the different aircrafts that they have painted/refurbished, so that they can display them in their office/around their business to show the client that come. I have gotten a few of those done, but due to the gallery confusions I did not have a lot of time to work on them. The goal for the up coming week is to finish the gallery and getting the website up and running again with the new changes that I have made. Also getting them some designs for advertisements that they would like to give to magazine companies.

Jets_Page Piston_Twin_Page Turbo_Prop_Page

Post one

What a week! My experience at North avenue is very quickly pushing my creativity and experience in a million different directions! Things were slow at the studio session-wise this week so David let me mix some old sessions he had lying around to become more acquainted with the effects racks and protools.Even after these few short weeks I feel a million times faster at getting my mixes together and identifying what I need for a good solid mix.
After I’d finished those sessions he let me work on my mix for a video score that ended up winning best soundtrack in the Campus Movie Festival! Here’s the link to my Soundcloud if you want to check out the track!

On wednesday we went to visit a friend of David’s who is programming a video game and we’re going to do the sound design for his game! It’ll be interesting to see where this project takes me over the next semester (and most likely beyond) David knows that I plan to go into sound design and is always drawing parallels between it and what we’re doing in North Ave.
This weekend we’ve been filming non stop off the avenue sessions, which to be honest have been way out of my area of experience ( which isn’t a bad thing). Since the sessions audio is done in one live recording, i’ve been doing camera recordings in the booth. Before saturday I couldn’t have told you the slightest thing about cameras, but I got a pretty big crash course and have a basics understanding of the parts of a camera, focus, aperture and how to choose the appropriate shutter speed.
This week has been a whirlwind of experiences and i’m just getting started!

Weekly Reflection 4

Week Four 02/07 through 02/13


The fourth week of my internship was a successful week. For the past couple weeks I have been working on a flyer for East Coast Aircraft to be able to send out to their clients in order to get more business as well as a new design for their business cards. Even though weeks past I wasn’t able to fulfill their needs and create something they were completely in love with, this week I finally achieved the goal. I have successfully made them a business card that they like and for the flyer they have just given me a few things to change in order to make it to their liking. For the upcoming week they have asked me to recreate their gallery because even though I did as they asked, after seeing the gallery set up they wish that it wasn’t so random with just unorganized pictures on different pages. Therefore I am going to create their gallery to have links that will take them to a page of just that type of aircraft that in listed in the links title. If time permits I hope to add a couple pages that will actually go to page once the dropdowns are clicked because right now the promotions dropdown just goes back to the homepage. Also they want me to add another page for testimonials from previous customers.


backwards back of the old business card
backwards back of the old business card
backwards front of the old business card
backwards front of the old business card
new back of the business card
new back of the business card
new front of the business card
new front of the business card
old back of the flyer
old back of the flyer
old front of the flyer
old front of the flyer
back of the new flyer
back of the new flyer
front of the new flyer
front of the new flyer

Weekly Reflection 3

Week Three – 01/31/14 through 02/06

For the third week of my internship it was hectic, but rewarding. I was able to get a lot accomplished for them, but unfortunately they still want me to change a lot before there will be a finished product. What I have spent most of the week working on is a design for their flyer, which is post card sized and a design for their business card. After I got some models for them to look at they have decided to try a different background and also a different layout/texture, but are enjoying my work for them so far. I spent the rest of the week working on updating their website. I mainly focused on rearranging photos in their gallery since they wanted it to be a little more uniform. I also was able, with the help of Jewel, to add captions to each of the photos so that the viewer can see what kind of plane is in the enlarged photo.  I also replaced their old logo on their website with the new one that I created. Even though there isn’t much change there is enough to notice a difference in my opinion. I also created dropdown menus from the main heading of Gallery in their nav bar so that the viewer can easily go to each page. In addition I added a dropdown from home that says promotions, which I will add a page where they can put different promotions during the month. The most accomplishing thing out of this week was that I got the information needed to make their website live and active, so that I can now update their website and the changes can be viewed by everyone viewing their site.  This upcoming week will be just as exciting as the rest and hopefully I can accomplish a lot more for East Coast Aircraft.