Week 4-New Tasks

This week I got to do a couple of new things. As the day started, I was working on answering emails and checking business’s Instagram to see if any new clients wanted to come in for an interview. I also had a task to speak with referred models and write down their information to fill out an application. Also, I got a new task that I have to do before next Monday, which is to make an excel spreadsheet with other agency’s information that will be used to give to clients. It is the first project that I would have to do on my own time and it has a deadline. On Wednesday, I got to go to a photo shoot, for which the pictures will be used for the composite cards. I had a special job, that included me to use disc panel reflector; I held it above the client or on one of the sides in order to bounce off the light for better picture quality and lighting; although, to be honest, it was a little complicated, since it was very windy that day and it kept flying off and I thought it would accidentally hit the person next to me; overall, this new experience was pretty great, I got to go outside and enjoy the beach scenery and also got an arm workout! This week was full of new experiences and tasks for me to do, and I am grateful for these opportunities. So far, my internship experience has been awesome and I got to meet new people that work in this industry.


Week 3 MoArtDeLand

Monday February 11th, concludes my third week at Museum of Art Deland. This past week I was assigned with some new graphic design work. I also finished up some press release assignments I have been working and I also created a new banner for the Facebook page. This new assignment is an event in early April and I will be taking part in its design work.  My supervisor wants some kind of abstract flower design concept in different colors. I have started working on color scheme in a light lavender and maybe turquoise. I have a general layout of what my supervisor wants and specific guidelines. For example, there needs to be some element with black in the flowers because the flower part of the art is used on the place card and table cards at the event and the linens are Black and White. My art concept will be used for the fliers, website banner, place cards, and table cards. I will be finalizing and printing them around by March 1st. This whole upcoming week will be dedicated to processing the design. Im excited to create these and add them to my portfolio!

Week 3 Reflection

In this blog entry, I want to reflect on my internship experience that I had so far. For the past few weeks, I have been getting to know the dynamic at the office and learning what some of my tasks would be here. So far, it has been an interesting journey, since I have never been associated with this industry, which is modeling business, before. I am always excited to learn something new and getting a fulfilling experience is my goal. I think that during my internship, my public speaking skills would definitely improve and I will be more open to communicate with others, since later in life I would have to talk to my bosses, colleagues and people around me and be more direct, express my point of view, ask questions openly, so that I could be successful in all that I do. I will also make new connections with people that work in this industry, that might be useful later. In my opinion, it is always important to keep in touch with people, keep those connections and have that support. Also, I think that my management skills will get better, since I was able to manage the office by myself, when the supervisor had to leave for a while. I was able to meet the interviewees and provide help they needed before their appointed time. I have been working with Photoshop and fixed some photo shoot images that will be used in the composite cards. The main purpose of doing this, is to enhance the lighting, remove bruises, work with contrast and to improve the overall quality of the picture. This experience has been very enjoyable to me and I hope that I will get to work in other areas of Digital Arts world.

Communication is Key

Throughout my internship, I’ve had many issues with communication. As mentioned before every week we have a conference call, however, up until last week those weren’t happening so I was sort of guessing with what I should be doing. Attempts at reaching out were never answered, and with a new semester, we had to pick a new weekly call time. After finally getting that all figured out I was assigned another task! The last project I worked on was the 12 days of Christmas campaign that they did (I’ve attached a few of my favorite designs below). Most recently, I’ve been asked to make a worksheet template for their event they have coming up. Additionally, I was assigned to research binders. I was a little confused by that assignment, but they need a binder to put the worksheets in and they wanted a sustainable option since that’s what their company is all about. So this week I’ve been delving into the world of sustainable binders. Surprisingly, there are a lot more options than I originally believed there would be. So until next week, I will be researching different options of sustainable binders and compiling them into an excel form for Heather (my boss) to review.  So if you’re ever in need of anything sustainable you might be shocked by the countless options you have available at your fingertips.

Week 2 MoArtDeLand

Today, Febuary 4th, I completed my second week at the Museum of Art DeLand. This week I was doing a lot of social media work. I was mainly making captions for some of the upcoming exhibitions for the museum. These shows include Sentinels by Robert Thiele, Retrospective by Grace Hartigan, and a body of work by film photographer Gary Monroe. I also made four social media posts and a flier for the upcoming Harlem Renaissance Film Series. The film series will be showing Against The Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance, Romare Bearden: Visual Jazz, Jacob Lawrence, Faith Ringgold, and Betye & Alison Saar. I got to meet a few more people who work in/with the museum. My routine was pretty normal this week. My more regular everyday activities include social media work and slight website upkeep, also graphic design and photography for the museum. My assignments for the next upcoming week include writing two press releases to promote the opening of some upcoming shows and their opening receptions. I will draft them and send them to my supervisor for any revisions. My supervisor also has planned for me to attend the museums Advertising meeting this Wednesday which is pretty exciting. I am excited to sit-in and watch how the board manages their marketing. Then after the meeting we will be doing some things over at the museums down town gallery.

Week 2 – Learning the Ropes

This week I had to come in for my internship only once, but I doubled my hours, so I worked two days in one. My supervisor did not have any appointments in the morning that day, so most of the time I was just helping her and we worked together. Some of my tasks were to help her with Instagram and reply to different clients she works with, I also got to work with the images for the composite cards and constructed a portfolio of one of the older model’s pictures. I got to manage agency’s social media platforms. As always, I was using email to contact different people and answer any questions they might have had. This time, the business was not that busy, so I did not get to participate that much. My supervisor and I have discussed for me to help her with the website for the business, but I am still learning about how her business works and I am only in the beginning of my Web Design class. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I would have a better knowledge of how I can assist her with that. I will also have an opportunity to design her applications and maybe I will even get a chance to create a logo or some kind of inspiring posters that she could use or put around her office for new interviewees to see. So far, my workload has not been so rigorous, but it is only the beginning! I am excited to move forward and learn new skills and tips from my courses that I could apply to this internship.

First Week at MoArtDeLand!

Tonight, Monday January 28th, concludes my first official week (10hrs of work) at my new internship at the Museum of Art Deland! So far I’m loving every minute of working there. Technically I started on the 16th of January but my supervisor who coordinated my schedule told me that I was starting at the busiest time of their year and that the week of January 14th and 21st would be unique because the museum was having several special events going on in which I would observe and take part in. So week one and two was a little unusual because my work times were so scattered. During this time, I attended an orientation for the museum, a WordPress orientation, was able to see the new exhibition being put up, and went on runs with my supervisor to destinations such as banner delivery, the flier printer, and the museums downtown location. They have been keeping me super busy, which is great, and I’m getting to know everyone I work with. During this time, I have already gotten to utilize my photography and graphic design skills. I developed flyers to promote their upcoming Harlem Renaissance Film Festival Series coming January 31st, social media platforms, and museum cards. I was also able to attend their fundraiser gala event this past weekend and take photos to promote their Facebook. This was such a fun event and I was able to meet the museum director, the collector for their new exhibition, and some board members. Now that some of the events have past I have a set work schedule and know that in the upcoming weeks I will probably be working on some fliers, the museum website and some of the social media platforms. So far so good!!!

First Week of the Internship

This week I started my internship on Monday. I was a bit nervous coming to intern for the agency, but my supervisor was very welcoming and had some tasks ready for me to do. This week I was doing some filing of paperwork, but also I was able to work with Photoshop and edit some images for the models’ composite cards. I was also asked to organize a little bit and make sure everything was in order, so that when people come in for the interviews, the office space would look neat and organized. I was also sending out emails and talking to different people to resolve any issues they had or answer any questions they had regarding this agency. At some point during my internship, my supervisor had to leave for a short time, and left me to keep doing my tasks, but then somebody who had an interview came in early for their appointment, and I didn’t really know what to do, but I was able to manage this situation and called my supervisor who told me to speak with them, make them feel  comfortable and provide any paperwork that they would have to fill out. Surprisingly, I was very communicable and confident, which for me is not always true and sometimes it’s hard for me to talk to people, since I am a little shy. I also got to be a part of a photo shoot and observe what really happens. I was able to see what type of styles are used for the comp cards, and also I witnessed how photographers work with babies and how they make them smile for pictures, in order to get a good shot. I was able to recall some skills I learned last semester from my DIGA 101 class and how lighting plays a big role in photographing as well as how photo editing should be done. This experience was rewarding, and I am glad that I could utilize skills learned in class towards this internship week. I liked that supervisor needed my input in editing and I also got a confidence boost from communicating with others. I hope after this internship, I would be more confident and comfortable with myself and this would be a big improvement for me.

The Final Weeks

With my time consuming and insane schedule, the weeks have continued to blur together and go by quickly. The semester will soon come to a close and with the upcoming portfolio assignment things have been hectic. It’s really forced me to take a step back and recognize how I spend my time and what I should be prioritizing between studying for finals, work, projects, and reading assignments.

As far as my internship at the marketing office is concerned, I feel like I have made improvements in my work and my ability to judge what is needed for different projects. At the moment my task at hand is to design an infographic for a new program that Stetson is working out the fine details of. Essentially it’s a way to give incentive for graduating high schoolers to apply and start their college career at Stetson, and it has definitely brought some challenges.

I’ve been pushed to use outside sources for different pieces of the project, which has been tough for me as I usually try to create everything from scratch. I can say though that it does take some time out of the process and tends to keep everything in the same art style. Before starting this internship I assumed that most creators design graphics from the bottom, up but on the contrary they use resources from Adobe Stock and various stock image websites and take inspiration from all realms of the internet and publishers.

Looking back at my progress throughout the semester (both in the internship and in my digital art class), I’m pleased with what I’ve learned and feel as if I have a better sense of reality in what to expect in my career field. 

Week 3

So last week I did not post anything because unfortunately I wasn’t given a new project. My internship is based out of California as you know and my bosses were evacuated so they had a lot going on. However, before they were evacuated I was asked to design some graphics as they are doing a twelve days of Christmas giveaway. They shared some files on google drive that was a collection of holiday graphics that they had purchased. This packet included letters but not numbers, and since a twelve day giveaway is centered on numbers I had to design my own numbers based off of the designs they provided me with for reference. They wanted me to design them in Canva because they have a group on their to share documents so I began work on that, but didn’t receive any feedback since they were dealing with the fires in California. Thankfully they and their homes were safe from the fire but many of their friends were effected. Once they had that all figured out I finally received some feedback from my first design. Heather said she liked the design but wanted it formatted differently and wanted to focus more on the numbers rather than SHE as I had assumed, as well as wanting a different color palette. So it was back to the drawing board and I changed my colors from soft sunset colors to a cold wintery color palette. After doing this Heather was happy with the design and we were able to speak at our weekly conference call where she asked me to make the design in different sizes so they can post them on all of their different social media platforms. Lastly, since she like the style and layout she then assigned me for this week to continue my work on this and begin making a graphic very every one of the twelve days.