Past Seniors and Current Faculty

At this point, I’ve gone through and posted all of the remaining senior thesis exhibitions from previous years that were given to me. Some of the portfolios were too bare-bones to compile into concise, informative posts.

For example, usable documentation of the exhibition is missing from Eliza Colmes’s 2015 portfolio. The featured image of the post was found on her facebook profile. There is video documentation of the exhibition included in her portfolio, but it is far too large a file to upload. The only thing missing from her post is a gallery of works from her exhibition.

The title of Gisela Fernandez’s 2014 exhibition, as well as the titles of her works and her artist’s statement, are missing from her senior portfolio. This post will remain drafted until more content can be found and included.

 In addition, I’ve drafted a post welcoming  and introducing Chaz Underriner as a new member of the Creative Arts Department Stetson faculty as a Digital Arts professor. It’s set to upload before classes start in August.
After this, I will begin the process of gathering information in order to make a few faculty-focused posts. I will speak with Tonya Curran  and Madison Creech about the upcoming fall-exhibitions in the HAC.  I will also communicate with and research into the exploits of Dengke Chen, Matthew Roberts, and Krista Franco, regarding their work abroad over the summer. I will speak with Michael Katz about his summer Drawing class on the Stetson campus, and Dan Gunderson about his current exhibition in Vero Beach, A View From Above.

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  1. Good overview of our remaining plans for the website this summer. I’m surprised the info from Gisela is missing. She is actually a grad student at FSU now. I might be able to connect you, which might lead to an additional profile. Her website is

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