For each of the trade shows that we attend as a company, our Sales, Shipping, Product Development, Trend, and Design teams all collaborate to make our show a success. As a Product Development Team, we constructed what product would be showcased at each specific show as well as the display and accessibility of each product to our customers. While in the product line display and design process, we create a tool called a plannogram. This plannogram is basically a blueprint for our display set. It is created in adobe illustrator to ensure that we have exact proportions to scale in order to avoid any unexpected placement issues when designing our sets. Once our Plannogram is up to date and made, we continue on by ordering all of the product we need for the tradeshow. Once it is in our position we will do a “soft set” of our plannogram. This is where we roughly set up a mock set to double check for any sizing mistakes or packaging damages. Once we have conquered our soft set and fixed any problems we may have we go to our final “Hard reset” which is like a dress rehearsal for our trade show displays. This is where we make sure we have all of our hanging materials, packaging materials and even installation materials. This is where we will set up exactly what we will have in our tradeshow but at our home office. After all is set and perfect, we will package the display and send our display to the tradeshow while our company will fly to meet it, set up, and begin networking.