Possible Application

This week, because there were not that many things to write about I researched ways for auto posting from WordPress to other platforms. I looked into Nextscripts,  read about it, and looked into what the customers thought. It seems to be great, it is a multichannel poster that auto-posts WordPress posts to all connected social media platforms. With the free version, you can add 1 Facebook, 1 Twitter, 1 LinkedIn, etc. The pro version allows for multiple accounts on each site,

I looked at the bad reviews first, specifically the ones with one stars. Overall, there wasn’t much information. They said things like: “no working repost feature,” “worst customer service ever,” “must pay for multisite.” All of which don’t seem so bad. Apparently the paid version is totally useless, unless you have 15 Facebook accounts you want it to share to.  Since we are only going to use it for the one Creative Arts twitter page, it should be totally fine.

However, almost 65% of the reviews were 5 stars. So I think that says something. 260 reviews with 5 stars amazingly still have hardly any information, but they seem to think it works fine. Reading through it, it would definitely be worth setting up. (Just don’t pay for it). With this we should be able to autopost with no problems to the twitter page.

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  1. Thanks for reading through the reviews. I suppose this is waiting on me now, because you likely higher level access to set this up. Is that right? We should make this a priority after break.

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