Post #2

This last week and a half has been a pretty great week at North Avenue Studios! Last monday I ran my first full session, from mic-ing everything, to patching all the racks, setting up the session and recording! The biggest obstacle was overcoming the differences between David’s studio template and my usual mic setup, I think I had to re-mic three or four times at least but no pain no gain right?

After that session I learned an important life lesson: studios are not meant to move.  David and Joe Flanagan were going to Georgia and running a bunch of Off the Ave sessions with the majority of a music festival. Needles to say David wanted to take a lot of his own equipment and it also goes without saying that as the intern I got to find it all. Lesson learned, if I build a studio it stays put.

The final part of this entry actually didn’t happen at North Avenue but at the South Eastern Theater Conference. Over weekend a few theater majors and myself went to the South Eastern Theater Conference to go through a massive amount of job and internship interviews. As people went through my resume and portfolio they always seemed impressed that I’m interning at a professional studio. I didn’t realize how much attention people pay to where you’ve interned and gone to college!

Until next time!

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  1. Joe: I am glad things are going well and that this internship experience is helping your resume stand out. A reminder that these posts are supposed to be weekly. Don’t forget going forward.

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