Post Five

This week over at North Avenue Studios was a relatively calm week session wise, David was too busy getting ready for the PAX conference. As it turns out this was an awesome chance to really sit down and go through a mix with him as we worked on the opening track for the Grabbles demo. Starting from the stems up we went through the many many settings of his board and how all the busses and mixes flow into and out of the board (Which seriously helped my understanding of how everything runs through the patch bay). Working through the theme track also gave me a low pressure environment (aka with a client watching me fumble) to explore the different sounds that each rack had, and ask a lot of questions about the settings he’s chosen with a very intensive focus on compressors. After that we listened to my two tracks from ARP2. David gave me a lot of great feedback, and gave me a lot of great feedback on how to make my mixes cleaner. My homework for the week is to implement those changes and bring them back for further review, ready to see where we can take my tracks!