Post Four

What a week! This past week we (besides the usual studio upkeep) we managed to squeeze in an amazing off the avenue session. For the first time since the beginning of my internship there David was completely hands off during a session! From greeting the band until the filming started it was all in my hands. I would have preferred that it had gone smoother but for such a big jump in my level of involvement I can’t really complain! The biggest hurdle was the patch bay by far. Getting to pick what amp, compressor and EQ racks I got took some time, but them figuring out how to get the signal through everything and then back to protools really threw me for a loop. I also learned a very big lesson: don’t try to patch the bay before you set the band up. I figured I would save some time before they got there and patch the setup that we usually use, but it wasn’t made to be. The bands set up was way different than one I’d previously worked with. It’s amazing how a few extra D.I. boxes and three extra vocalists can completely mess up your signal flow. After resolving all of those issues though things went fairly smooth! Even had the awesome chance to work with a spinning Leslie for the first time! The hope is that all of these sessions will be online soon and I can start dropping links here as they get released.


Until next week!