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What a week! My experience at North avenue is very quickly pushing my creativity and experience in a million different directions! Things were slow at the studio session-wise this week so David let me mix some old sessions he had lying around to become more acquainted with the effects racks and protools.Even after these few short weeks I feel a million times faster at getting my mixes together and identifying what I need for a good solid mix.
After I’d finished those sessions he let me work on my mix for a video score that ended up winning best soundtrack in the Campus Movie Festival! Here’s the link to my Soundcloud if you want to check out the track!

On wednesday we went to visit a friend of David’s who is programming a video game and we’re going to do the sound design for his game! It’ll be interesting to see where this project takes me over the next semester (and most likely beyond) David knows that I plan to go into sound design and is always drawing parallels between it and what we’re doing in North Ave.
This weekend we’ve been filming non stop off the avenue sessions, which to be honest have been way out of my area of experience ( which isn’t a bad thing). Since the sessions audio is done in one live recording, i’ve been doing camera recordings in the booth. Before saturday I couldn’t have told you the slightest thing about cameras, but I got a pretty big crash course and have a basics understanding of the parts of a camera, focus, aperture and how to choose the appropriate shutter speed.
This week has been a whirlwind of experiences and i’m just getting started!

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  1. Sounds like an ideal internship! The job should push you in new directions, because as much as we try to prepare you for the “real world” at Stetson, it would be impossible to anticipate every situation.

    Also, I hope you see how important it is for sound folks to have other skills in your bag of tricks. Ask Dave to talk about what video and social media skills have meant to their business there. True, they have a great studio, but these other things helped them get attention.

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