Post Spring Break Grind

Man! The week before Spring Break and this week have been the busiest of my entire Stetson career! Getting my senior show installed as well as all the other responsibilities I’ve taken on has been interesting. But everything is going to be great: it’s definitely teaching me to multitask and to delegate wherever possible, something I used to absolutely hate doing. It’s very humbling to ask for help, but ultimately it is growing me.

I got to sit down with Kathrine Pulling and talk about what it’s like to be a Stage Manager. She told me a lot about what it was like and how she got involved with in high school. It seems really interesting. We didn’t get too specific about Rhinoceros, but she did tell me a little bit and it was cool. I didn’t realize that the directors actually don’t direct backstage during a show: that’s what the Stage Manager does! Talk about pressure, especially for a new student. This will be cool for someone to see that it isn’t impossible to get involved as an underclassmen.

Madison Creech also emailed me her bio, I have scheduled it for next week to keep the profiles spaced out over two weeks. I just reformatted her picture from the faculty page, as it was too small to even use. If she wants a better/less grainy picture, she can email me another one. I’ll post this Pulling interview this week too, so people don’t forget all about the Rhinoceros play before it goes up.

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  1. The interview looks great. You’re right; it does give a good sense of what her responsibilities were and how to get involved early at Stetson. I think these longer interviews could be good to do once or twice a semester, with the shorter profiles on a more frequent schedule. Are you setting up something for the senior opening? Here are some previous posts to use as models:

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