Poster for across the U.S.

During my last conference call, Heather asked me to start designing a poster for their upcoming SHE Day event. She said she would send me the details for what they wanted later that night, however, I didn’t receive any info until yesterday and usually, I turn in my work every Friday. So again, it’s stressful having only having one day to finish projects they assign me. I had reached out about when I would receive the information and never heard anything until receiving it last night. Although stressful it’s still very exciting as these posters will be used to promote their events across the U.S. They have events in Orange County, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Nashville, TN, and Chicago, IL. So it’s very exciting being able to have my work shown across the U.S. and no longer just on their social media accounts! They gave me a few ideas for what they wanted, but more so told me what they don’t want so I have a lot of options to go with. Next week I’ll be sure to upload what I’ve come up with but for now, I have nothing new to show!

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  1. Don’t be afraid to speak with your supervisor about this. They may need to be reminded that this internship is only one of your responsibilities, and that you need more than one day to balance a task with your other projects. It’s not too early to practice a little self-advocacy. Just be sure to do it in a way that is respectful.

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