Processing Sketches and New Ideas

Today was the day that I finally got to go over my Yule Log sketches with my advisor Joel Jones, and we decided to lean towards the first version I created. The first sketch included what I envision to be a newer look for the event in comparison to past flyers. The main focus being an illustrated graphic of a fire that would cast a light on to a 3D extruded text with the bold font.

As I try to describe it in written word it seems complicated, but my goal is for it to be simple and seemingly rustic. Now that I have an approved sketch I have to start thinking about color and font types to use and I’m thinking of using a warm palette to play off of the light from the fire for vibrancy.

I also have to consider if I will be creating my own vector image in Illustrator or if I will find one through Adobe Stock like Joel showed me for the sake of saving time. So far it’s been difficult to find images of fire or a yule log that will go with the look that I’m trying to create, so for now I’m starting to make basic sketches in Illustrator.

My hope is to finish the first draft for Joel by Friday for our next meeting on Monday so I can get his opinion and maybe some help with what text should be included on the flyer. As of now I’m feeling optimistic in getting the project done fast and hope to find some fitting fonts.